11.16 Patch Preview League of Legends

Patch 11.16 brings a Sona rework that we all have been waiting for, 8 new skins as well nerfs to champs to maybe need them but nerfs to champs who do need them. Let’s break down the upcoming patch. Buffs This is an interesting buff to me, as I thought Jhin was one of the […]

NEW League of Legends Ruined King Trailer

Kat reacts to the League of Legends Ruined King Trailer and Gameplay and let’s prepped for Let’s Plays of League of Legends Wild Rift, League of Legends Ruined King, and more. Be sure to watch HERE: Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

Why League of Legends is Important to Us

League of Legenda All Ages of Geek

League of Legends teaches us to be strong.League of Legends teaches us to be brave.League of Legends teaches us teamwork. Gaming over the years has changed, inspiring others to get out of their comfort zones or become a stronger version of themselves. The stories video games tell us through their characters’ struggles, pain, survival, and […]