11.14 Comes With Major Changes To Irelia, Lillia, As Well As Stridebreaker! This also sees the release of the brand new event!


Q – Five Point Strike

  • Removed – Dash and Cast: Five Point Strike can no longer be cast while dashing with E – Shuriken Flip

R – Perfect Execution

  • Base Recast Minimum Damage: 75/145/215 ⇒ 60/130/200
  • Base Recast Maximum Damage: 225/435/645 ⇒ 180/390/600

This is a good nerf, and I could actually notice it while I was playing her recently. I am a big fan of Akali, and I can recognize how strong she is once she gets a small lead, it is quite ridiculous. However, Akali is also incredibly hard to master, the very good akalis might not feel this too much. But I think the Q mechanic chance is a bit of a big hit situationally.


Passive – Hemorrhage

  • Noxian Might Bonus Attack Damage: 20-205 (level 1-18) ⇒ 30-230 (level 1-18)

E – Apprehend

  • Cooldown: 26/24/22/20/18 seconds ⇒ 24/21.5/19/16.5/14 seconds

This is pretty funny to me, because it seems like they are just reversing a change they already made. This buff is just massive, 4 seconds off of e changes so much for him late game, and his engagement will be much better. I don’t really agree with a buff this hard, but we will see where it takes him.

Dr Mundo

Base Stats

  • Attack Speed: 0.67 ⇒ 0.72

Passive – Goes Where He Pleases

  • Health Regen: 2% of maximum health ⇒ 1-2% of maximum health (level 1-18)
  • Cooldown: 45-15 (level 1/3/6/8/11/13/16) ⇒ 60-15 (level 1/3/6/8/11/13/16)

Q – Infected Bonesaw

  • New – More Monsters, More Health: Infected Bonesaw now heals for 100% of the health cost if it hits a monster (now the same as when it hits an enemy champion)

E – Blunt Force Trauma

  • New – Fly Swatter: Small monsters are immediately sent flying away (regardless of whether it dies)
  • Bonus Damage to Monsters: 140% ⇒ 200% (bonus damage to minions unchanged at 140%)

This seems to me like a jungle buff for him, and it’s actually somewhat impressive. I don’t know if this was needed too much, but it should buff his high elo gameplay. I think Mundo needs a general buff to his top lane. Since the rework I think he has become worse in lane, and I think that he needs some type of buff to bring him back in. Before the rework he would dominate jungle and top, but now he is never seen jungle and his top lane just isn’t impressive. 


Q – Decisive Strike

  • Bonus Movement Speed: 30% ⇒ 35%

R – Demacian Justice

  • Damage from Target’s Missing Health: 20/25/30% ⇒ 25/30/35%

Nothing else sets me off more than Garen R. This is the worst change in the patch and it’s going to be noticeable simply because his R does true damage. Stupid change and low elo bronze climbers will love this. 


Base Stats

  • Attack Damage: 66 ⇒ 68.

This change isn’t really much, but literally everyone decided to play him after this. High elo is infected with graves and I’m not too sure why. I really have nothing to say about the buff because not much changed.


Base Stats

  • Move speed: 340 ⇒ 350.

This will change her roaming abilities, I’m interested to see how this affects her games because I really don’t think it will do much.


I’m going to be doing a video on this minor Irelia rework soon to show it off better! It would be too much to write in just one article.


E – Triggerseed

  • Base Shield: 80/110/140/170/200 ⇒ 80/115/150/185/220

Ivern was actually really strong at one point but has dropped off, simply because there are better junglers. I don’t see this doing anything, Ivern seems forgotten, don’t expect him to make a comeback. 


Base Stats

  • Attack damage: 54 ⇒ 51

Karma tears up high elo games, with a 12.5% pick rate in plat+ ranks, this will hurt her early game miniscule amounts, but I don’t think it will hurt her play rate at all. This is very similar to the Graves buff, miniscule.


The Lillia changes will also be listed in the Irelia update video, again there is just too much to talk about. 


Base Stats

  • Health: 537 ⇒ 510

Q – Call of the Void

  • Damage Ratio: 65% AP ⇒ 55% AP

I think this is a great nerf, mostly because Malz is really strong in lane, especially with his R. I’m glad to see his health reduced so that he can get killed much more easily in lane, the same combo that left him on 20 hp will now kill him instead!


Passive – Umbra Blades

  • New – Wait a Minion: Umbra Blades’ damage and healing is decreased by 50% against minions

As someone who just recently started playing Nocturne I don’t really think this change was needed? It improves his laning if you for some reason want to play him top lane but that’s really it. 


Q – Queen’s Wrath

  • Base Damage: 20/25/30/35/40 ⇒ 21/27/33/39/45

Q (Burrowed) – Prey Seeker

  • Base Damage: 60/90/120/150/180 ⇒ 60/95/130/165/200

Rek’Sai is somewhat strong, but really not played much. Again it comes down to the fact that there are just better junglers. This change wont do anything, except remind people the champ exists.


Q – High Note

  • Damage Ratio: 40/45/50/55/60% AP ⇒ 45/50/55/60/65% AP

It really seems like Seraphine is just getting buffed nonstop. I don’t really like this change, because it promotes the idea of a q max Seraphine, which I’ve always believed is the wrong way to play her in a support role. Riot has been buffing her support capabilities recently, so I’m not really sure why they made this buff as I feel this is for playing her mid, or in a damaging support role almost more like a Lux. To me the issue is that her e is way stronger than her q and I feel like buffing her e would have presented a better end result. 


Base Stats

  • Health: 587 ⇒ 560
  • Movement Speed: 350 ⇒ 345

I think this nerf is good because he really was tearing it up pretty easily. I feel like Shaco to play well doesn’t take too much skill but the play perfectly takes quite a bit of skill. For me he was too strong in low elo for what he does, so I am glad they really hurt his roaming.

Tahm Kench

Passive – An Acquired Taste

  • Bonus Damage: 2.5% of maximum health ⇒ 12-60 (+2.5% bonus health) (levels 1-18)

Q – Tongue Lash

  • New – An Acquired Lash: Tongue Lash now also deals damage from Passive – An Acquired Taste to enemy champions
  • Heal: 6/7/8/9/10% of missing health ⇒ 15/20/25/30/35 (+4/4.5/5/5.5/6% of missing health)

W – Abyssal Dive

  • Updated – Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Abyssal Dive’s cooldown refund didn’t scale down with ability haste
  • Cooldown and Mana Cost Refund: 30% ⇒ 40%

R – Devour

  • Base Shield: 300/450/600 ⇒ 400/500/600
  • Ally Self Slow: 40/25/10% ⇒ 30/20/10%
  • Updated – Bugfix: Fixed a bug where he could Devour an enemy without full stacks of An Acquired Taste if he queued the spell before the stacks fell off

I can’t really tell if this is a buff or a nerf  but I think simply because of his r shield that this will help his kit quite a bit early in the game . However I don’t believe this was needed, he is really strong in the top lane and even can be played in the support role because of his dive. I’m not sure I necessarily agree with this but I can understand it. And like I said this can go both ways.


Q – Starlight’s Touch

  • Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana ⇒ 65/70/75/80/85 mana

E – Dazzle

  • Cost: 60 mana ⇒ 40 mana

I see this as a pretty big buff to Taric actually. That E change  is going to really help his early game cuz it’s going to save him a little bit of Mana same with his q. With that being said he still really isn’t that strong and I don’t think you’ll see him being picked a ton because of this change. 

Xin Zhao

W – Wind Becomes Lightning

  • Cooldown: 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 seconds ⇒ 12/11/10/9/8 seconds

Xin is incredibly strong, but I am happy to see this change. He could be using his w multiple times in a fight, and it does too much damage to have a 6 second cooldown. I’m glad to see this change, but I think his Q might also need to be looked at, I’m not sure all 3 hits should lower his cooldown rates.


Base Stats

  • Mana: 480 ⇒ 420

Ziggs was TEARING up but lane, and for good reason. His poke early game is unmatched, and it is a huge issue for anyone playing against him. I am so so happy to see this nerf, and it is a huge one really. 

Dead Man’s Plate

Base Stats

  • Armor: 40 ⇒45

A Darius buff, and a Dead Man’s buff all in the same patch. This item is always so strong, I’m really not sure about this buff, but I don’t see how it could change too much.


  • Attack Damage: 40 ⇒ 45
  • Health: 400 ⇒ 300
  • Halting Slash Slow: 90%, decaying to 40% over 3 seconds ⇒ 40% for 3 seconds
  • Dreamshatter (Ornn Upgrade) Attack Damage: 50 ⇒ 55
  • Dreamshatter (Ornn Upgrade) Health: 500 ⇒ 400
  • Dreamshatter (Ornn Upgrade) Halting Slash Slow: 90%, decaying to 40% over 3 seconds ⇒ 40% for 3 seconds

I don’t understand this at all. What was the point of changing Stridebreaker if in the end it is this much worse than its original self. The nerf to the slow is so dumb to me, and if you are going to have the slow be the same as it was when the das was on the item, then why not just have the dash come back? This guts the item, and really doesnt give it a reason to be used over some stringer items. 

VFX Updates


  • Q – Time Bomb: New VFX; AoE stun effects are now easier to identify
  • W – Rewind: New cast effect
  • E – Time Warp: Cleaned up;textures adjusted to match overall changes
  • R – Chronoshift: Modernized to match overall changes
  • Shurima Desert Zilian: Q now has a subtle sand effect
  • Blood Moon Zilean: Modernized R revive effect to match base changes
  • Sugar Rush Zilean: Modernized R revive effect to match base changes


  • Base Skin: Updated VFXs across his kit


  • Project: Renekton Fixed VFX bugs

Chat Restrictions

  • New chat restrictions will be issued in 3- and 7-day increments, rather than 10- and 25-game increments.

Bugfixes / QoL Changes

  • League Client: Fixed a bug where new players who first log in get a popup window telling them that their settings were unable to be retrieved from the server
  • League Client: Fixed a memory leak with Champion Mastery tooltips
  • League Client: Banners now properly display in party lobbies
  • League Client: Fixed a bug where if a player is in a spectator slot in a custom game lobby when the lobby is disbanded, they are taken to a black home screen
  • Fixed a bug where Kassadin’s Passive – Void Stone and Fizz’s Passive – Nimble Fighter weren’t properly ignoring unit collision after death
  • Fixed a bug where Yasuo’s E – Sweeping Blade sometimes failed to play the proper animation and ran really fast instead
  • Galio is no longer able to Flash while channeling W – Shield of Durand if timed correctly with Hextech Flashtraption rune
  • Chilling and Challenging Smite now properly play VFX upon smiting monsters
  • Binding Anathema’s active to a target no longer counts as a spell activation
  • Fixed a bug where Sylas was unable to apply stacks of Tahm Kench’s stolen ability Passive – An Acquired Taste on his enemies
  • Fixed a bug where Sterak’s Gage would always activate during Sion’s Glory in Death, even if it was on cooldown
  • Healing projectiles from Divine Sunderer no longer interrupts attack windups
  • The debuff icon from Abyssal Mask’s passive now displays in the buff bar of the immobilized enemy champion
  • Fixed a bug where purchasing Stirring Sightstone and then a Control Ward could not be undone
  • Fiora’s W – Riposte sound will now play when successfully blocking non-immobilizing damage on base and all skins
  • Fiora’s R – Grand Challenge success or failure sound will now play correctly on base and all skins

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