In the 11.15 Patch Preview We Are Going To Talk About Upcoming Changes As Well As My Thoughts On Hex!


  • Annie

I can always appreciate a buff to Annie, mostly because her kit isn’t terribly strong. However! Annie is one of the most solid picks right now and one of the most solid champions to learn, I think this is good timing, as she has a solid win rate.. 

  • Aurelion Sol

Many people are raving about this right now. But if you look, Aurelion Sol has a 60% win rate in challenger, which is absolutely ridiculous. What this says to me is that if low elo or mid elo players picked up Aurelion Sol, they could also stomp lane. I think riot had to make this adjustment. 

  • Gwen

Gwen is so strong in so many roles. She needs this nerf very bad!

  • Irelia

Irelia is the games best “new” champ. Too strong in lane after her current changes, expect to see her get some of them reduced back to what they were. 

  • Kayle

I am not sure what this Kayle change could bring. I can imagine it would be some sort of nerf to her W/R but I really am not sure, she’s not too strong now so I dont think this was needed. 

  • Sylas

Rejoice! Finally this guy is getting a nerf. I’m happy to see this because he really had the Yone effect of being a pick or ban. I’m hoping we see a solid nerf here to bring him back down to earth. 

  • Thresh

This nerf to Thresh will come along with a skin to him, so maybe it’s not all bad. It should be noted that he has a nearly 20% pick rate in plat+ elo which i’m assuming is who this change is going to affect the most.

  • Viego

I heard this would be a nerf to Viegos laning capabilities, which I hope isn’t true. I would like to see an all around damage reduction or lifesteal reduction to his Q in general. 

  • Wukong

Wukong is so annoying to play against top lane. I hope we see something here to deter people from playing him, because his effect on the game is just too big. His decoy can be very confusing at times, so i’m glad to see what hopefully is a good change. 


  • Blitzcrank

I honestly hate seeing Blitzcrank so I am not too happy with this, but he does have a poor win rate in ranked mostly, So don’t expect this to be a huge change, it will probably be a cooldown reduction. 

  • Caitlyn

To me Cait has needed a buff for a while. I don’t think she is on par with most adcs, and it can be really hard for her to carry. I’m happy to see this change, and I hope it is a good one and not a buff to her Q by 10 damage. 

  • Cassiopeia

Cass seems forgotten, and she hasn’t played much. I don’t think this will be a huge buff, so I wouldn’t count on too much. 

  • Kennen

I have been seeing Kennen more often recently, and I think it’s because of his early game strength. He can get ahead quick with the help of a jungler and really hurt his opponent in mid game to carry over to a strong late game. 

  • Mordekaiser

Morde is already strong, so don’t expect this change to be anything heavy at all. Maybe a minor E buff. 

  • Nidalee

Nidalee is in a terrible spot right now. A 47% win rate coupled with being one of the hardest champs to play in the game doesn’t mix well. I hope this gives her a big buff to really change her up. But then again, not every champ has to be strong. 

  • Rell

Rell is the worse version of Leona to me, a tanky cc based support who dies pretty often. I don’t see this putting her into the meta at all. 

  • Shyvana

I’m interested to see what Riot has come up with here, mostly because Shyvana has fallen down the pecking order a bit in the last few patches, I hope this can bring her up just a bit and make her a more viable option. 

  • Syndra

Syndra sucks man, she needs a big big buff. 47% Win rate in the mid lane is just too poor, she needs a big change. 

  • Xayah

I love this! Xayah is such a cool champ, and can dominate if played correctly, but she needed more than the Q buff riot gave her. 

Riot somewhat revealed a new champ called Hex who will be coming soon! Hex was supposed to come before Akshan, but was adjusted and was moved back a bit. You can expect to see Hex in the next month or so according to some sites, which I think is going to end up being way too soon. Hex is a Yordle mage, and I am assuming she is going to be a mid champ. I really wish they would instead put in a new top support or adc, as Mid has been getting some attention recently I think with Viego and Akshan. I would have liked to see a dedicated jungler instead, but it is what it is. Hex is rumored to be a burst mage, and I love the whole gloomy aesthetic. I would love to see a lazy, introverted champ.

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