11.16 Patch Preview League of Legends

Patch 11.16 brings a Sona rework that we all have been waiting for, 8 new skins as well nerfs to champs to maybe need them but nerfs to champs who do need them. Let’s break down the upcoming patch.


  • Jhin

This is an interesting buff to me, as I thought Jhin was one of the top adcs, and wasn’t totally in need of a buff. Popular pick for all ranks, sitting at a 13.4% pick rate this patch, it’s interesting to see him getting a buff when he is currently one of the strongest adc champs. I would have much rather seen a buff to someone like Caitlyn or Kai’sa, two champs who haven’t done well recently. 

  • Jarvan IV

Jarvan is a champ who I have never personally played, so I’ll be looking at this as a spectator. I can understand this buff, with only a 2% pick rate in all of ranked. However, he also has a 57% win rate with his most popular build. I think he is an uncommon pick, so I don’t see too much happening. I think it will be a very small buff to give people a reason to try him out. 

  • Maokai

I am actually really intrigued by this buff, simply because I am wondering if they will push his top lane or support abilities. While he doesnt have many games played top, he does have a 62% win rate on his most popular build in Platinum + which is borderline nerf territory I would say. But even in support, where he is still an uncommon pick with 3.1% he sports a 57.7% win rate with his most popular build. I think this will be something like a flat armor or health increase.

  • Nunu

I would say Nunu may have needed this, or may not have. In all ranks, nunu only has a 3.3% pick rate. Because of that, I think this will be an ability buff, maybe not a big one, but I don’t see this being a big buff. Nunu is able to win games somewhat consistently when ganking enough, so I don’t think there is a ton to buff here. 

  • Shaco

I can’t lie, this seriously scares me. Shaco is one of the best junglers right now, and constantly tears up games from the jungle. So good in fact, that he has a 30% ban rate in all ranks. I don’t personally agree with this because he is such a popular and strong champ. We will see how big this buff is, but I hope it’s not too big. 

  • Vladimir

This is a great buff! Vlad isn’t too strong or too popular. Not every champ has to be an absolute carry, but it is nice to see most champs have balance. I am very happy to see this buff, and I hope it is one that might actually help him. 

  • Sivir

Another reat buff, Sivir has fallen off a bit and isn’t quite at the regard she was a patch or two ago when it seemed like I was seeing her every game. I can understand this and I hope its not something too strong, because playing against Sivir nonstop is just torture. 


  • Diana

One of the champs I personally play the most, I can understand this, but I don’t think it will be a huge nerf. The issue right now with Diana is that she is simultaneously one of the best mid lakers, and one of the best jungle champs in the whole game. Not many champs can really do that. Because of this I think she will get hit with a soft nerf.

  • Fiora

As much as I love Fiora, this is highly needed. I would say Fiora is also one of the hardest top laners to master, however, if you do it’s hard to close. With a 9.4% ban rate, she is someone who you see commonly. You also see her often because she is Irelia’s direct counter, as well as a counter to Sett and Camille, three very strong champs. I think this is a good nerf, but if they are nerfing Fiora then for me they has to be nerfing Sett or Camille. 

  • Lee Sin

Lee is a champ that you will NEVER master. Probably the hardest champ to play in Jungle, and one of the hardest in the game, a one trick Lee is horrifying. It has to be said that with both a 20% pick and ban rate, lee is one of the most popular champs in the jungle currently. When I see nerfs like this I think they are done to allow other champs to get into the spotlight for a bit, so I like this. 

  • Lulu

Lulu is one of the best champs in the game for the support role currently, but I don’t like this. It has to be said that with a 43.4% ban rate, which is absolutely ridiculous, obviously she isn’t loved by people who play against her. However! I would have liked to see a nerf to Morgana or Lux more than this. 

  • Tahm Kench

Since his rework, Tahm has been incredibly strong, catching a nerf before this one as well. I think it’s interesting to see Riot step back so much as they haven’t always in the past. Recently with the nerfs to Irelia nerfs as well. I’m glad to see them not just letting things be because they nerfed a buffed a champ, but instead nerfing them directly in the next patch or so, I like that a lot. 

  • Xin Zhao

Without a doubt, the best jungler in the game. This nerf has been a long time coming as he is one of the most common picks or bans in the jungle. I am so happy to see this, because he is absolutely ridiculous. I am interested to see what they do, I would prefer a W nerf. 

  • Ziggs

This is a great nerf! Ziggs is horrible to play against and he is too commonly played in bot lane. A combo like Xerath Ziggs or Swain Ziggs is terribly unplayable, and I pretty much want to dodge every time I see him. I really would love a Q nerf here so that he has a bit less pushing power in lane. 

Sona Rework 

People have been calling for this for a very long time, and I’m glad to see it finally coming. Sona is a forgotten champ, who I really only see played by one tricks. I hope they absolutely champ her up into something that doesn’t just get stuck in Seraphine’s shadow. Hopefully some good changes will be made, and you can expect a short video from me when the patch goes live on her changes!


  • Ahri (Coven) ⁠— 1350 RP
  • Ashe (Coven) ⁠— 1350 RP
  • Cassiopeia (Coven) ⁠— 1350 RP
  • Evelynn (Coven) ⁠— 1820 RP
  • LeBlanc (Coven) ⁠— Prestige
  • Malphite (Old Gods) ⁠— 1350 RP
  • Warwick (Old Gods) ⁠— 1350 RP

 These skins are incredible, and I can’t wait to test them out and see them in game!

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  1. I didn’t have enough room in my computer for Leave! ???????????? This makes me want to play it!

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