Serenity – Calming Meditations App Review

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you have restless nights that eventually affect your everyday
life? Are you having a hard time staying motivated and inspired? Serenity – Calming Meditations app has some tools you can utilize to help you get a good night’s sleep, relaxing day, and even stay motivated. But what is this app all about?

Users who have apple phones should consider checking out Serenity – Calming Meditations.
The app was made to ease your mind. “With exclusive affirmations, bedtime stories, meditations and great contents, Serenity will introduce you to utter tranquility. Sleep stories are prepared to
ease your transition to sleep. Featuring timeless classics with soothing voices. Guided
meditations are available to help your meditation sessions. Immersive scenes will take you on a
small, relaxing journey.”

This app is very user friendly. App users experienced or new will definitely benefit from this. It is
not difficult to use at all and very self explanatory how to use all of the features. With an
aesthetically pleasing look and great features Serenity – Calming Meditations truly has it all.
Let’s chat about the subscription services. Users can either pay monthly or yearly. Monthly users pay $3.99 per month and yearly users
pay $35.99 per year. Users receive:

  1. Unlimited relaxation, meditations, sleep stories
  2. Beautiful breathing exercises
  3. Inspiring, energizing and calming quotes
  4. Required to access the app’s capabilities

Serenity – Calming Meditations is a great app to use if you need help sleeping or you enjoy
having an app with you as you sleep. It is also great to have to receive daily inspiration and
breathing exercises. These are all very important aspects of life that many people will benefit
from using. Serenity – Calming Meditations has all these features in one app! Not only does it
give you multiple features it also allows users to pick how they use the app. Check out Serenity. Calming Meditations you will not regret it! Download the app below!

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