RWBY: The Bond Between Blake and Ruby

At All Ages of Geek, we love to hear the communities views on characters in shows we cover. With the finish of RWBY Vol 8 one of our community members Angelique tells us what they think about Ruby and Blake’s friendship.

“I always thought Blake Belladonna admired Ruby Rose and thought highly of her. Ever since they first met in volume 1 episode 3 when Ruby said she wants to be like the heroes in books. I always sense Blake saw a girl with pure heart and intentions. This was further proved by Blake telling Sun in volume 4 how Ruby’s word description was Pure.

Now, in the last episode of volume 8, Blake finally tells Ruby how she always admired her and thought highly of her. Blake said to Ruby that at one time in her life she was like Ruby but things got in the way. We all know what those things are, Adam and the White Fang. She explained to Ruby that she always does something to make things right even if she doesn’t know if it will work or not. She keeps moving forward and tries to do what’s best for everyone or the given situation.

I think having this moment between Blake and Ruby is so important. it’s important for Ruby Rose to hear what her teammate Blake views of her. They have a bond and this conversation showed it. I absolutely loved this moment between them and it solidified my views of Blake having a high regard of Ruby. I truly hope these two have more moments together their friendship is unique and sweet and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.”

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