My Favorite Comic of Twisted Superheroes That I Hope Become UnOrdinary (Opinion)

WEBTOON’s unOrdinary is just that, completely unordinary. This comic is in my personal top five for originality alone. The creator, Uru-chan, has illustrated a world filled with super-powered people and very few people have no power at all. The people with no power are called “cripples,” because the rest of the world has some type of power. The world is governed by a power ranking system that favors the high-ranking people as the people in charge. We see the ranking system in action in the high school the main character, John attends as a pretend cripple though he is actually a high-ranked person. We see firsthand how each person selfishly looks out for themselves instead of helping others through John’s journey in high school.

Unfortunately for cripples and low tiers, people with low ranking abilities, the ranking system just makes typical high school much worse. John, being a pretend cripple, is beaten up by mid-tiers, people with mid-level abilities,  because the mid-tiers like to pick on him every day to seem powerful like most underdog stories. The high tiers, or high leveled people, rule the school literally because teachers and principals hardly get involved in student matters. John becomes best friends with a high tier, Seraphina, which is the beginning of the ranking system falling apart because of John’s experiences and beliefs, which he shares with Seraphina.

About two years ago in the present time of the story, the main character’s father writes a book about a person who uses their super abilities to help other people instead of for selfish means, which starts a revolution of sorts when a few masked vigilantes start defending cripples and lower tiers. However, the ranking system is easily corrupted by the high ranking officials of the world, and as a response to the vigilantes threatening their way of life, the high ranking officials develop organizations to find ways to manipulate people’s abilities and rid the world of vigilantes.

As the story continues, Uru-chan weaves together almost two completely different stories between what is happening in the high school and the world around them. The creator is setting up for a group of high school students to completely turn the world upside down as events unfold, and they begin to question the ranking system and uncover the truth about the organizations manipulating people’s abilities. All the while, John is having to face the truth of his past and come to terms with himself and the people around him. 

Everything is uniquely connected to the high school students that the audience follows in the story. Uru-chan illustrates the comic with amazing detail from the slightest character expression to the gravity of destruction a super ability has. It’s not a typical superhero story where the underdog saves the day, but an inspiring group of students have the truth of society thrown at them, causing them to try to fix their broken society. unOrdinary is a comic that I hope all the main characters become unordinary and my ship of John and Seraphina comes to fruition. This comic has all that superhero fans could desire from epic showdowns to amazing character-building moments, which is why it ranks fourth in the most popular category on WEBTOON. I highly recommend checking out the extraordinary unOrdinary comic on WEBTOON with two seasons full of content. New episodes are uploaded every Thursday, and here is a series official trailer for unOrdinary

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