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Lycoris Recoil Episode 6 Review

Here is MinaRose2023 with another Lycoris Recoil Review. 

This time Kurumi, Chisato, Takina, Mika and Mizuki are trying to figure out who’s after the lycoris girls. Takina goes over to Chisatos place to stay with her to protect each other over night. It’s found out that Kurumi was the hacker who infiltrated the DA. Which is why the guns has gotten stolen. Turned out another hacker had their eyes on the Lycoris and wanted Chisato dead. They followed her but she generally defended herself in her home. Then she went out by herself in a poncho and then she was hit by a car by Majima who tried to shoot her. She shit back and he was hurt by the car. Takina and the others came to rescue Chisato. Chisato got in the car with Mika abx Mizuki Takina following suit. They left and soon got back to the Cafe base.

Takina forgave Kurumi for the hack and then at the Dr office Chisato played rock paper scissors with Takina and Takina won thus not neededing to stay with Chisato for a sleep over. 

Overall this episode had good pacing and a good story, there was action but also a look into Chisato and Takina relationships further and more knowledge about Kurumi and her past as a hacker. I enjoyed it.

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