Kasai’s VTuber Debut – All Ages of VTubing to Launch in 2021

Kasai joins the All Ages of Geek Crew as the first member of All Ages of VTubing, All Ages of Geek’s upcoming roster of VTuber talents. Kasai will be hosting weekly videos in the form of reactions, gameplay, and interactive content. In 2021 she will be streaming on the All Ages of Geek YouTube Channel and Patreon to provide hours of entertainment. 

The VTube Popularity Surge

VTubing has taken the world by surprise with how popular it has gotten. Hololive, a Virtual YouTuber agency by Cover Corp, has a roster of 33 VTubers, including six Hololive China idols, as well as three Hololive Indonesia members. Talent includes popular VTubers such as Shirakami Fubuki, Minato Aqua, Natsuiro Matsuri, and Akai Haato. VTubing has become extremely popular in the United States as of late, having Hololive create Hololive EN with members Mori Calliope, Takanashi Kiara, Ninomae Ina’nis, Gawr Gura and Watson Amelia. 

What Kasai will be Bringing to the VTubing World

All Ages of VTubing will be starting out small with just Kasai as a talent, but expanding once there is more demand on the channel. Kasai will have a Japanese Dub for shorter videos voiced by yuruma a Voice Talent from Japan. The All Ages of Geek audience can expect to see a mix of funny videos, heartfelt moments, PSAs and  more from Kasai. 

Her first video covered an introduction + a reaction to TomSka’s asdfmovie12 as requested by All Ages of Geek community members. Her style is a mix of sly + shocking comedy and is suggested to be rated 16+ like most content provided by All Ages of Geek. Good news for Patron members (Instant Geeks) of All Ages of Geek who will be able to request Kasai videos depending on their Tier Levels. 

Kasai will also be making short and funny Twitter videos on her personal Twitter to interact with All Ages of Geek community members. She’ll be featured on many announcement videos keeping those community members updated about new content, regular weekly updates and more.

All Ages of VTubing and What to Expect

As far as collaborations go, Kasai will collaborate with aspiring VTubers (big or small) and introduce them to the All Ages of Geek style. All Ages of VTubing will host smaller VTubers on the channel (who would like to join the upcoming network) to help them grow under the All Ages of Geek brand while also providing them their own spot on the website for people to discover their work. 

About Tales of Knight Academy

Kasai‘ s book(or biography as she calls it) is written by Lars van Breems and the All Ages of Geek Writer Community. The book can be found online on ForgeFiction for free as each chapter is worked on privately, while public members of the Writing Discord can be submitted daily. 

Who Helped Create Kasai?

Our artist Marc Zapata has worked extremely hard on visualizing Kasai for the last 3 years. Kasai has had many changes to her appearance over the years but the green hair, spunky personality, and dragon half have always been present. Expect Kasai to pop up in almost every part of All Ages of Geek’s brand given that she is the mascot but she’s gone from 2D brand mascot to 3D brand personality.

Kasai‘ s modeler is dannayy who worked extremely hard on bringing Marc’s 2D art alive. He’ll also be upgrading Kasai’s model with new outfits, emotions, and all sorts of requests from our patrons. Expect an interview with him soon as he’s also listed on All Ages of Geek’s Team Roster/About Page. 

We’re excited to be a part of the future’s form of entertainment with VTubing. When it comes to All Ages of Geek we are going to continue to provide our community with the best possible content we can create while always staying relevant to Internet Culture. Stay tuned for more with Kasai as we go on this journey together! 

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