Interview with Genshiba – A Puppy VTuber who’s ready to Play Fetch on Twitch!

Genshiba, a VTuber, is ready to take the VTubing stage spotlight and is doing it in a very unique way. From being a fan of OfflineTV to trying to meet new friends in the VTuber space, you better keep an eye on this Puppy VTuber and follow them on their journey. Toss ’em a good bone while you’re at it too!

1) Why did you want to become a VTuber?

I believe part of me became enamored with the idea of becoming a streamer in general while watching other streamers. I’ve been a huge OfflineTV (OTV) fan for over a year and I couldn’t help but feel a certain envy while watching this group of friend play games together and have this much fun.

I guess, to some extent, part of me wanted the opportunity to meet equally amazing people and go on my own adventure. So, when VTubers started becoming more popular and more mainstream, I thought this could be my chance and decided to look into it in my free time.

2) Any personal stories to share as a creator?

“Becoming a VTuber” is far from being my first experience as a creator. As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to create media – things – for others to experience and enjoy. I first started writing over 10 years ago, posting new chapters of my own stories almost daily on forums, for other people to read. I dabbled in a bit of everything – RPG Maker, Ren’py (visual novel tool), webcomic making, book writing – but could never fully find something that would satisfy me.

In a sense, “VTubing” is a fairly natural follow-up to my chaotically diverse past as a creator.

3) Who are some of your inspirations in the VTuber Community?

I truly jumped head first, some would say blind, into the VTubing community. To be honest, I didn’t even truly follow any VTuber before – mostly just regular streamers. I’ve since met a lot of really cool people since, especially in the “AnimalTuber” subsection of the community. One great source of inspiration would be for me Canisgard, who also happens to be a “DogTuber”.

Seeing his model and his commitment to his lore helped me realize I could push myself further.

4) What are your goals as a VTuber?

I try to keep my expectations pretty low as I am aware of how hard it is to get known in an oversaturated market that is not necessarily catered towards me (as a male VTuber, for example).

However, my goals would be to make cool VTuber friends and to have tons of fun together. I believe one of the coolest part of streaming is the chat interaction and I’m always very happy to be able to joke around with the couple of people that have started to follow me.

5) How do you think VTubing can help creators express themselves?

First of all, I think it is a wonderful tool for introverts like me who don’t feel comfortable sharing their entire life on the internet, face and name included. But VTubing also is a powerful tool for story-telling and branding as you get the chance to be virtually anyone, anything, and express parts of yourself through a mask that you’ve carefully crafted for yourself. And yet a trace of the true self, always exists in the false self.

For me, creating “Gen”, my shiba character, was the opportunity to express a hopeful, positive, cheerful side of myself I knew existed inside of me but never got the chance to truly blossom in the real world.

6) What is the inspiration behind your VTuber model?

The light of my life: my very own dog! The only big difference being of course the mechanical paw. The rest, especially the markings and the “freckle” on the paw, is directly based on her.

7) What is the style of your streams/videos?

I just go with the flow, I guess I’m still trying to find myself in the process. For now, I stream some of my favorite video games while giving my opinion on them and I try to take my viewers through my victories and my defeats, but always with a good laugh.

8) Any fun stories to share while on your VTuber journey?

So far, in this journey that’s still very new for me, I’d say this interview! I never even thought about the possibility of getting asked those questions.

9) What is some advice you can give to others in the VTuber Community?

Support each other! Build your own community before you think about numbers. Extend your help to others, and in time the kindness you gave will come back to you. Try to make genuine connections first, and worry about your follower count next (because let’s be real; I guess it is something worth thinking about too). Keep your expectations low!

It’s okay if your first few streams are pretty lonely, not matter how embarrassing it can feel. Just know that pretty much everyone started like that. Keep putting yourself out there and keep trying to get your voice heard.

10) Where can people find you online? What’s your social media?

My Twitter is: @GenSheeb

And my Twitch is GenShiba!

I hope to see you there!

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