Indie Game Feature: Get Your Sheep Together

Hey gamers! Looking for a new game to download for your free time? Look no further! Today we are going to tell you all about the amazing steam game Get Your Sheep Together! We will
discuss what the game is all about and much more!

“A 3D platformer where you herd your emotions by hopping, shrinking and dashing your way
through obstacles. Don’t hold in too many feelings or it may just blow up in your face!.”

The music is something very powerful that can make or break a game. Get Your Sheep
Together truly has a great soundtrack that matches the feeling of the game. When playing the
game you will be immersed with the music as well as the gameplay. This adorable platformer is
perfect for fans of Animal Crossing Population Growing. Now the game is completely different
from Animal Crossing Population Growing however the designs of the characters truly take the
player back to a nostalgic time.

The concept of this game is very unique. Emotions are what drives humans. The way our
emotions are for one day can affect us for the rest of the day. Like humans, the main character
in this game, a bird, is required to collect emotions in order to advance in the game. For
example when he collects the yellow sheep he will be able to jump, this is because you can now jump with ‘joy’! There are many emotions you must collect in order to play this platformer!

If you are interested in learning more about Get Your Sheep Together be sure to check out all of their links! There you can stay updated on what they have going on, learn more about the
gameplay, and even get a chance to download this amazing and adorable! Support them today. You will not regret it!

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