Indie Game Feature: Evil Art Bunny Studios

We interviewed Evil Art Bunny Studios!

1. How long have you been creating games?

I started learning to make games in 2016. But I only started publishing some small game jam games late 2018.

2. Can you tell us about Alchemist’s Mountain?

Alchemist’s Mountain was born in one of those jams of 2018: Metroidvania Jam 2 to be exact. It won that jam and that motivated me to develop it further. I’ve been iterating on it for 2 years now. Being my first major game, I’ve had to learn a lot from game designs that didn’t work. But now it’s in a pretty good place so I expect to finish it within the next 2 years. It’s main inspiration is Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, a childhood favourite of mine. But where Nintendo has tried to make dungeon design simpler and more accessible to younger age groups, I’m going to go with more intricate and complex dungeon designs. Besides that, I also bring my narrative telling strength into the game. Before creating games, drawing comics, writing, mythology, philosophy, and non-dualistic spirituality/theology were hobbies I invested heavily into. From that I hope Alchemist’s Mountain will be populated with relatable and lovable characters, and have a story that inspires people to appreciate life.


3.Where can others support your work?

Come join my Discord!…. I love feedback as I build the game, and am hoping to have people test out some if not all the dungeons before the release. I’ll also be having competitions and events as time goes on.

4.What inspires you when creating a game?

Two things: An original idea that just pops into my head that feels clever. A mechanic or a style that I have seen in another game that I believe I can improve upon or push to another level.

5.Plans for 2022?

There is a lot of work to be done on Alchemist’s Mountain. But on the way I would like to have fun with people. So in the first half of the year I’ll be having the full demo out (right now only a half version of the demo will be released this November 2021). With that release will be an Easter Egg hunt competition for people to find items from other computer games in the demo. I’m thinking the top prize will be for the winner(s) to create a character in the game, like the shopkeeper perhaps. It could be an avatar of themselves or perhaps an original character of their own. But we’ll see. Other than that I’ll be wanting to test out a few of the dungeons as I build them out. Probably this will be offered to a smaller pool of people who really love good dungeon design. Thanks so much for the interview! Feel free to ask me anything else.

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