Heroes of Gaming Podcast Begins Second Season

The podcast features deep conversations with the “real” heroes of the Retro and Modern video game industry:
creators, concept artists, composers, programmers, voice actors and more!

The Heroes of Gaming podcast, which features conversations with industry creators, concept artists, composers, programmers and voice-over talent, is launching its second season with more insider guests, longer episodes, and exclusive translated Japanese developer interview content available only to its Patreon subscribers.

Heroes of Gaming Podcast creator and host Vladimir said he started the podcast to acknowledge the namesakes
of his show, the “real heroes of gaming. Not the gamers who stream about how great it is, but the incredible
people who make the games. The people who make it happen should be celebrated for their work. We wanted to
create a special venue where that reverence for their dedication to a vision and the craft can be honored.”
More than 200 people can work on a project and no one knows who they are or what they do, said Vladimir,
who is a filmmaker, video game historian, and game tester.

Heroes of Gaming educates listeners on the complexities of the profession, the historically significant choices
creators have made, and the struggles they have overcome to achieve success.

“Through their voices, we can discover their passion for this field, the work that led them to where they are, their
future plans, and advice for people working or wanting to work in the industry” Vladimir said.

While there is a Twitch channel devoted to people playing the games, there is no real spotlight of recognition on
the creators who sacrifice and sweat to make the games.

“This unsung army of people are the backbone of an industry that makes more money than all sports
combined,” Vladimir said. “They were the ones creating classics in their basements, they were the survivors
who wrote the future while being bullied, and they endured breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ to climb the corporate
ladder while being objectified or profiled.” Vladimir passionately continued.

“These heroes are a powerful inspiration to many and we would like to do what we can to amplify that positive
message,” he added. “We are so excited to see the growth of our podcast when we started go from 6 downloads
a week to 400 and climbing!”

The first episode of season two features Mark Turmell, whose single career created arcade games like NBA
JAM that would gross several billion dollars for Midway! Season two promises more AAA titles from classic
and retro eras as well as discussing some incredibly diverse/unique jobs. With over 100 reviews on Apple
podcasts giving it a perfect 5 STAR SCORE it’s no wonder that this good hearted, family friendly podcast is
doing so well.

To download and listen to Heroes of Gaming Podcast. – Visit at: heroesofgamingpodcast.com

The podcast can also be subscribed to on many available platforms – Visit at: buzzsprout.com/1559084

To become a Patreon supporter of Heroes of Gaming Podcast -Visit at: patreon.com/heroesofgamingpodcast

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