Has Kamen Rider Impacted Your Life?

The Kamen Rider series has been something that inspired many throughout the years. So! We decided interviewed Kamen Rider fans from the discord server ????oei x ????suburaya all about their experience with Kamen Rider! Today our interview was with Bark! A member of the discord server and a fellow Kamen Rider fan.

When did you first get introduced to Kamen Rider? Which series did you start with?

I initially saw a few episodes of Agito on rerun back in ’07, but didn’t take much interest until I’ve fully watched Den-O soon after.

2. What is your favorite part about Kamen Rider stories?

Underlining the usual monster-fighting shenanigans, each series has a theme of its own and the stories of people intertwining and learning lessons from their experience. To me, seeing the theme progressing and characters growing is perhaps as fascinating as the flashy main attractions of the series itself.

3. If you could be one character from Kamen Rider who would it be and why?

Tobei Tachibana from the Showa era series. More than being a superhero, I want to be a reliable figure to even the strongest people in their lowest moment.

4. What would you tell someone who isn’t sure if they want to start Kamen Rider? How would you convince them to watch?

Don’t be afraid to experiment. If there’s a theme, design, or even cast that intrigues you, it’s worth at least giving it a try. And don’t feel guilty for not liking something, no one can change your mind about it.

5. How has your experience with the fandom been? Positive? Negative? What is your favorite part?

My experience in the community has been rather limited, and what I’ve known is mostly people yelling at each other for subjective opinions. That doesn’t mean it’s completely stall, however, there are some lovely chaps once you find your safe zone.

6. Which series is your favorite and why?

Den-O is the first series I have fond memories of. It has varied cast, tone, settings, and lessons to learn.

Has Kamen Rider impacted your life?

This is not exclusive to just Kamen Rider, but alongside experiences I’ve had in life, they’ve made me strive to become a better person and to live for other people as well as myself.

8. And Finally! What is your all time favorite fight scene from Kamen Rider!

Kuuga’s final fight against Go-Jaraji-Da. They named the episode ‘Emotions’ for a reason.

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