Funding for Halen: The Future of Mobile Services Apps

Have you ever asked yourself why we need a separate app for every mobile service we like to access? The Halen App has all your worries covered. This app will provide ridesharing, food/retail delivery, and travel booking all in ONE high quality app.

Halen App users can expect the quality of their travels to increase. Personalized, accessible and on-the-go makes Halen the perfect app for any experienced or budding travelers. Not only does the app allow you to book your flight, hotel, and ridesharing all in one place, users can even order food and retail products to their door! Drivers at the Halen App can even earn a greater share of revenue from tips because of the multiple services provided. Unlike other apps Halen will allow drivers to have reduced downtime because of the multiple services they can provide while working. From driving to food delivery, the possibilities at Halen App are endless. 

Halen’s Indie Go Go campaign makes that clear with huge benefits to their backers such as a travel thermos, Founders T-Shirt, grain leather tote bag, and a handmade duffle bag. 

Halen App is seeking $75K in this funding campaign to support the launch goals. Funds will support creating perfect app software, hiring early key staff members, marketing campaigns to help the app grow, and supporter’s gifts and perks. 

The Halen App is the future of mobile service apps. Halen makes it possible for backers of their campaign to feel included on the journey. Not just their travels, but the foundation of their venture.

About Halen

You live a busy life. You value excellent service. Convenience or Quality? Technology has often sacrificed for the other – until now. We’re Halen, and we’re doing things differently. By building an on-demand platform that actually exceeds your demands.Easy and enjoyable. Convenient and quality. Don’t settle for one or the other. See for yourself.

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