We Interviewed the Creator of Concrete Visions!

We had the pleasure of chatting with the mind behind Concrete Visions. Be sure to check out the game. Perhaps this is the game you have been looking for!

What inspired the unique combination of genres in “Concrete Visions”?

It was originally very much melee-only, effectively a first-person brawler like Action Doom 2 or Sharpshooter 3D. After partnering with the team at VoxPop, they helped me build it out and introduce some guns, which bettered the experience tenfold. The horror inspirations came from Condemned largely.

Can you share the main influences behind the game’s art style?

I am not an artist, and while I did the art for my previous game, Flash of the Blade, I wasn’t very happy with how it turned out visually. For Concrete Visions, I decided to use photos as that was not as skill-reliant, and I could get a very pseudo-realistic environment out of it.

What games or media influenced the development of “Concrete Visions”?

Condemned: Criminal Origins is the big one here, but its lesser-known spiritual successor The Hunt/Chernaja Metka also played a part. I just wanted to make a game where you hit bad dudes in the face with pipes, and I think we nailed that.

What were the biggest hurdles faced during the development process? How did you overcome these challenges?

We had a fair bit of trouble getting the balance right between horror and shooter, as some earlier builds did not feel scary at all due to an abundance of ammo and pretty scarce enemy placements. To combat this, we focused on giving the player just enough ammo to get through the bigger firefights in the levels, making sure it felt tense and desperate due to the fear of running out of ammo and having to rely back on your melee weapons.

What aspect of “Concrete Visions” are you most proud of?

The atmosphere I think is really solid. The whole game has a super eerie vibe thanks to the ambient music and grainy visuals. Some of the weapons are super punchy as well, which makes them really satisfying to use.

What advice would you give to someone starting in game development?

Start small, make a timed jam game or something. Just have fun with it!

How does the environmental exploration in “Concrete Visions” enhance the player’s experience?

Well, exploring the environment in Concrete Visions gives the player the opportunity to find the famed DOSMan. DOSMan is a space traveler who acts as DOSMan Games’ very own Dopefish. He is hidden in secrets across the game’s levels, and usually has a few goodies for you like health, ammo, or keys to secret passages.

In terms of gameplay, how do you balance the combat and exploration elements?

No matter where you go in Concrete Visions, enemies will be there ready to charge you. Exploring often acts as a way to scavenge resources to make that combat easier!

What future developments can players expect from “Concrete Visions”?

They can expect the game’s release in early April! Depending on player response, we could definitely revisit the setting for another go-around. I think there is a great foundation here if we decide to build upon it further later.

Where can folks support your work?

They can follow us on Twitter @DOSManGames, or pick up our existing title, Flash of the Blade, on Steam. The best way to support us is to share our stuff, review our games, and tell your friends about us!


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