Con Watch: MegaCon 2021

As a Florida resident I look forward to going to the three day convention that is MegaCon in Orlando every year. MegaCon is one of the largest comic book/sci-fi/anime/gaming/celebrity conventions. The last MegaCon I went to featured Jeff Goldblum, Jason Momoa, Elijah Wood and Norman Reedus just to name a few. MegaCon always has too many celebrity and voice actors to name. MegaCon also has too many vendors and events to name. Simply put, MegaCon is THE con to go to when you get a chance to come to Florida in spring. However, the COVID-19 pandemic completely changed things around.

MegaCon 2020 was canceled which was actually expected. What wasn’t canceled in 2020? MegaCon was scheduled to make a return on March 18-21. Unfortunately, MegaCon was rescheduled to August 12-15 in 2021. Currently there are no guest or attractions listed for 2021. Hopefully that will change soon. If you bought a ticket for March it will still be good at the rescheduled dates.

MegaCon being a comic book convention it would definitely be better to cosplay with someone that wears a mask such as the mask Midoriya wears in My Hero Academia because we can assume there will be mask requirements. It would be weird to see a Superman cosplay with a mask on but it wouldn’t be “super” if you do not wear a mask to MegaCon. Cosplays like Spiderman or Darth Vader would have no problem with the masks requirements for obvious reasons. Whether or not it is drastically scaled down is, in my opinion, up in the air but it will not be surprising in the current state of the nation. Remember, MegaCon is in Florida.

What about the other cons? San Diego Comic-Con (San Diego), Dragoncon (Atlanta), Emerald City Con (Seattle) and New York Comic Con (New York City) are all still scheduled to take place later in 2021. With the big cons still happening it does seem to indicate that MegaCon will happen. I’m planning on going to MegaCon later this year. I have no idea what to cosplay but considering the pandemic is ongoing I would encourage every single person to cosplay a character that features a mask (example – Kaneki with his mask from Tokyo Ghoul) or bodysuit (example – Deadpool) covering the face so that way you kill two birds with one stone.

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