PAX East 2024: “Be My Horde” Spotlight Interview with Polished Games!

At PAX East 2024, “Be My Horde” by Polished Games was a standout, inviting players into a dark realm where they command an army of the undead. Tat from All Ages of Geek had the opportunity to sit down with the team and chat all about this amazing game!

Command the Dead

In “Be My Horde,” you’re Moriana, a necromancer building an undead legion. Instead of fighting solo, you resurrect enemies to fight as your minions. Strategy is key as you position your undead army for battle.

Strategy Over Strength

Direct combat takes a backseat to strategic army management. Success hinges on how well you deploy and command your growing horde of zombies in the face of enemy waves.

Embrace the Dark Arts

The game’s core idea is that death is just a start. Fallen foes are potential allies, and your power grows with each enemy turned into a minion. It’s a game of wit and necromancy, challenging players to master the dark arts and overturn the natural order.


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