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An Interview with Voice Actor Donald Guzzi!

At All Ages of Geek we love hearing about the journey of a creative. Today we dive into the mind of voice actor Donald Guzzi!

1. What or who inspired you to become a VA?

It wasn’t just one person/thing. I grew up watching cartoons and Toonami as a kid and I always would try to imitate voices and create silly characters. Shows like Samurai Jack, Gundam Wing, Fosters Home, pretty much anything on Cartoon Network/Toonami was my jam and were pretty big influences for me. I always thought voice acting was so cool, but I never thought in my wildest dreams that it would be a profession I could be a part of… and I almost wasn’t! But here I am!

2. What has been your biggest success story?

I would say getting to voice in Gintama. It’s been a slow burn but now we’re actually starting to get recognition and get in on the convention circuit. It’s been awesome and the fans have been incredible to chat with. To be a part of something that someone cherishes just gives you a special kind of feeling.

3. What is your dream role?

I would absolutely want the opportunity to play a lead villain in some capacity. Any villains I’ve voiced have had relatively short screen time (1-2 episodes) so I would love to be able to flex that muscle and lean into some badness!

4. What are your plans for 2022?

Getting cast in a major anime (or game), for sure. I’ve finally been able to branch out and start recording with multiple studios thanks to my new remote setup so I’m hoping to bring that to fruition!

5. What would you tell newer voice actors? Any advice?

Take acting classes and/or attend seminars. Take it from someone who wasn’t trained as an actor, it makes your life so much easier. Being a voice actor is more than having a great voice!

6. How do you stay motivated?

It’s definitely hard at times, especially in this profession. You put a lot of work in and sometimes things just don’t go your way. I take every audition and treat it as a way to find new characters and voices. So even if I’m not landing every audition, I’m still getting my practice in and creating some new characters for myself in the process. It’s always fun to discover new things you didn’t realize you can do voice-wise, so that helps keep my spirits up and pushing forward!

7. What have you been working on?

Project wise? There isn’t too much for me in the pipeline currently outside of the English Dubbed Novelas we work on down here in Miami. Besides that I’ve been working on getting some agency representation, to hopefully progress to that next step in my career.

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