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An Interview With Long Dog Dice

How did you discover D&D?

A friend of mine was very insistent I listen to The Adventure Zone: Balance for MONTHS. Absolutely would not drop it despite me not being into ttrpgs or really much of a podcast listener. Eventually we agreed that if I listened to an arc of it on the road trip I had coming up (and obviously needed something to listen to during) and didn’t like it he’d never mention it again. I loved it so much I ended up listening to the entire campaign over that trip, came back, and started asking around if anybody I knew played and had a seat at their table.

How do you make dice?

I make dice from epoxy resin mixed with a combination of inks, glitters, powders, pastes, and even dried flowers. They’re all poured into molds I’ve made myself, and after they’re pulled from the molds I hand polish them and ink the numbers to match.


What inspires your work?

My dice design inspiration comes from either the “feel” of a specific character at a table I’m playing with or, most often, just looking at my collection of pigments and thinking “well these things will probably look neat together”. If I’m lucky, it looks good, and then I try to branch off into other color combinations. They aren’t all winners though! Creating dice can be a good amount of trial and error.

Where can people support your work?

At the moment, the best place to see what I’m working on is Twitter @LongDogDice. I currently have an Etsy shop at, however I am in the process of creating a dedicated website with its own storefront in the near future. I also post little blurbs and special dice videos over on my Ko-fi page at .

What advice would you give someone who wants to do what you do?

There are a ton of great resources available on YouTube for getting into dice making. Rybonator has a number of videos covering both the general process and specific techniques, which are a great starting point to learn the basics. Dice crafting tends to be more involved than people expect and can get quite expensive, so be sure to really research everything that is involved before diving in. Most importantly, wear the appropriate PPE! Resin is toxic and can do serious harm to your person.


Plans for your work in 2022?

Dice making has been more of a hobby than anything else for me until now, but I’d like to expand it a bit more. I’m hoping to double the number of dice sets I made in 2021 for 2022. I’m also working towards being able to open up commissions again because I love creating something special and unique for players!

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