WandaVison Review

By: AAOG’s Community Manager Matt Turiano

Oh boy there is a lot to unpack here. I think I should start off by saying this will not be fully spoiler free. But let’s start with a genuine spoiler free review of the first 2 episodes.

The show itself is expertly done, the first episode being a  pitch perfect parody of Leave it to Beaver era 50’s sitcoms and the second practically being a episode of I Dream of Genie or Bewitched. The laughs are genuine and my friend and I agreed we would have gladly watched a full series of a wholesome Bewitched reboot. Wanda’s powers remain ill defined but that really works well here, and it’s interesting how having the husband also have secret powers changes up the dynamic in a fun way. In those old sitcoms the husband was always either a buzzkill laying down rules or a buffoon, so both of them being odd adds a sense of comradery and in this together feeling I think was missing from those old shows. The meta plot doesn’t show its head often in these first two episodes but when it does the sense of creepy wrongness is just perfect. I look forward to seeing what happens next. 

Now onto the theory crafting. 

—————————Potential Spoilers—————————

I should probably start with explaining a bit about Scarlet Witch’s origins and powers in the comics. Wanda’s powers have always been a little weird and not very well defined. She is a mutant and the daughter of magneto. But she also knows actual magic, trained by a witch named Agatha Harkness (this potentially is Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes by the way). Wanda has show that she has the power to alter reality, often this is probability based, but in some instances her powers have been strong enough to create things whole cloth from nothing. 

So the crux of what I’m going to put out here goes way back in the comics and it’s going to take some explaining if you’re not familiar with the weird history of Scarlet Witch and Vision. It’s been pretty well speculated that WandaVison is drawing elements from the comic series Vision and The Scarlet Witch and The Vision. The latter of which is about The Vision making a family of synthezoids and trying to live a suburban life with them. And if the ending of the second episode of WandaVision is anything to go on, it looks like it might be following one specific plot line from Vision and The Scarlet Witch

You see in the comics Wanda is able to create twin babies by using magic or something to combine her dna and visions synthezoid dna. Don’t worry it doesn’t make sense in the comic ether and get changed several times over the years. Anyway how doesn’t really matter, because it turns out that her children aren’t real and she has her memory of the whole event erased to so she doest have to deal with the trama,I wouldn’t be surprised if the MCU skips this step it was kind fo dumb. Eventually through a lot of convoluted comic book logic she remembers her children in the pages of Avengers Disassembled, and takes out her anger on the avengers believing them responsible for the “death” of her children. Eventually this all leads up to House of M, and honestly I could write a whole article just about that one so I wont get into that.

What I wanted to get across is this, I think that WandaVision is going to end with Wanda’s perfect life being stripped away from her causing her to use her Reality warping powers to try and get it back. This will cause the Multiverse wackiness that will be felt in Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. And I’m not convinced she won’t be the big bad of at least one marvel movie. Is this going to be the way Mutants enter the MCU, will her reality warping create them? It’s hard to say but its worth remembering the most memorable thing she ever did in the comics, might we see an inverse of it?

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