Visiting Silent Hill of Public Toilets, Now I Need Therapy – Indie Game Feels

Visiting Silent Hill of Public Toilets, Now I Need Therapy – Indie Game Feels

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About Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger by dino999z

The genius of Dr. Krueger shines again with his newest revolutionary breakthrough therapeutic sessions. Allow Krueger’s new treatment to tackle the toughest cases of mental disorder (peer-review pending) and fears in our ever changing day to day world. The genius lies not only within Krueger’s stunning techniques as a therapist, but also with what he calls “Dream Therapy”, combining breakthrough neuron technology with his closely held therapy principals.

About Death Flush by Imposter Syndrome

Haunted by the memory of his grandfather’s death, Ronnie must face his greatest fear – peeing alone.  Is the legendary Toilet Seat Killer really dead?  Can Ronnie hold it a little longer?

Featuring wooden voice acting, cryptic puzzles, and bathroom puns to last for days, Death Flush is spine tingling retro syle terror.

This game was made in about a month for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams. My primary insperations were Nightmare on Elm St. and Silent Hill.


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