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Top 5 Reasons to Love Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren. A Solo. A Skywalker. A very angsty and rageful character from the Star Wars sequels. While we love his angsty moments, wanting to give him a Snickers whenever he throws a fit, there are also many other reasons to love and support his character. Here are All Ages of Geek’s Top 5 Reasons why we love Kylo Ren.

Kylo Ren’s admiration of Darth Vader

Sent in by Kat

Some kids out there just don’t agree with their parents. It’s a proven fact. Others find guidance elsewhere, possibly to connect on a personal level with their grandparents. This is how Kylo Ren views Darth Vader. He wants to finish what his grandfather started, but idealizes him to the point where he isn’t mimicking Vader, he’s acting out in desperation to find his place in life. Possibly filling the shoes (and angst) Vader left behind. Kylo is torn between being both Kylo Ren and Ben Solo. But his admiration for Vader instead of Anakin (and not understanding why and how Anakin was crafted into Vader) shows his more rebellious and lost side. He’s confused and doesn’t even know who he is at this point.

A reason to love him is because of his admiration and obsession. It represents how we cling to our heroes and try to find ourselves in them and their passions. He hides in his rage, angst, and admiration because he doesn’t even know who he is.

Kylo Ren’s Edgy Fashion

Sent in by Kat

That mask. Those robes. So edgy. Wow.

Kylo has a way of representing the edgy kids of the world. Goth, emo, you name it, Kylo represents all the kids and teens who felt left out. He’s also the “edgelord” type. Kylo would be the teen who listens to Evanescence or Linkin Park on repeat, wear dark makeup with black painted nails and thinks about life’s sorrows while hating on society. He’s the teen in Young Adult novels who sits in the corner with a mysterious grimace, sketching in his notebook and writing poetry in secret. The anime character who rages over almost anything and gets defensive and angsty when poked whenever he shows a soft side.

Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber

Sent in by Derek

I really like his lightsaber, being modified with a Kyber Crystal. It has this unstable look and sound to it that makes it not only cool to look at but also fit the character of Kylo Ren. It has a crossguard look that is unique to him and it shows in his fighting style. He’s very much a straight forward fighter, with powerful swings. Which makes him a powerhouse in his own right. The sides also come in handy when he’s in a jam. He can use the sides as a weapon, like what he did to Finn in The Force Awakens, poor guy. Kylo Ren is quite an angsty character and I feel like his lightsaber compliments him as a character.

Kylo Ren’s Light and Darkness

Sent in by Christian

One compelling character trait of Kylo is his indecisiveness in choosing between light and dark. We as people face the same struggle every day, choosing between good and bad, between reaching out and closing ourselves off to others, between closing our fist in anger or opening it in friendship and much more I could go on about. More compelling is the fact that for a long time, Kylo chooses to create a façade that he’s fully chosen the dark side but when it comes down to it he just can’t fully make the decision. There’s always a subtle hint of doubt in his decisions. How often do we put on facades and pretend to be someone we know we can never be? I’d be willing to bet that the majority of us have at one point or another!

Kylo Ren a Sith Tempted by the Light

Sent in by Matt

Why do I love Kylo Ren? Well mostly I love the idea of a Sith who is being tempted by the light, it’s such a great inversion of the classic tortured hero. But instead its a someone trying to live up to the ideals of his evil master, but he can’t escape these feelings he has for his father, for his mother. When he says to Han Solo, “I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it.” It’s not a trap, it’s an honest plea for help. Kylo believes what he’s doing is right. but he can’t shake the feeling that he’s doing something wrong. And that’s where his rage comes from, that’s why he lashes out and destroys things. He is tormented by his own failure to live up to what he feels is right.

Why do you guys love Kylo Ren? Leave your comments down below!

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  1. Kylo Ren is incredibly loosely based on Jacen Solo from the old Star Wars EU (eldest son to Han and Leia Solo, twin brother to Jaina, and big brother to Anakin Solo). Through various series we get to follow along with their journeys as they learn and grow into their destinies as strong Force users and individuals, each a hero in her or his own right — and good people for whom the likes of Chewbacca would readily sacrifice their own lives.

    Maybe, as a reader of the EU you grew up with the Solo kids, and learned and grew as they did, had hardships like they did (although naturally not as a Force user). Seeing them with their parents and their Uncle Luke, growing to become people who could be in healthy relationships, that was something special, not just their adventures as Jedi.

    Seeing Jacen as a husband to Tanel Ka, a father to Allana, and a mentor to Ben Skywalker as well as a leader to his men was just as impactful as his fall, how and why he became Darth Caedus, a real Sith Lord.

    I think it’s unfortunate that we didn’t get to see that journey with Kylo Ren. I also think it’s unfortunate that they didn’t choose to make Rey based on Jaina (the Sword of the Jedi). I also liked the books for showing how despite facing numerous difficulties Han and Leia stayed together, fought it out together. Splitting them up was, in my opinion, another unfortunate choice.

    But oh well, we got what we got. And it’s not like we can’t also read or re-read the old EU books, or play the games anymore. Both Kylo and Caedus get to exist, just in alternate timelines.

    But I’ll be honest: It is REALLY difficult for me to take Kylo seriously. Maybe he’s not intended to be. I’ve a feeling Caedus would laugh in his face. I would be Noping out of there like those stormtroopers in ‘TFA.’

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