The 7 Best Geeky and Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts for All Ages

Podcasts are a great way for families to bond and learn new things together on the go, at home or even on family walks with the dog. All ages podcasts, in particular, offer something for everyone, making them a perfect choice for family listening. These podcasts also give parents the confidence that what they listen […]

Dice Sesh: Meet Torous

Hello all! It’s Will, the on again and off again host of The Geekoning Podcast, but also a Player in AAOG’s D&D podcast, Dice Sesh! Being inspired by Tracy, or CuriousCat-13 with her “Valahar Chronicles: Meet Jackdaw” article, I decided to write this article. An introduction to Dice Sesh‘s residential Minotaur Medicus from Meletis, Torous […]

An Interview With DM, Host, & Writer Lava

We had the pleasure of interviewing Lava our DM & host all about his writing! 1. How long have you been writing? In terms of story writing? I first started writing stories in high school. I was inspired by friends in my anime club to come up with a story for a manga, which never […]