Dice Sesh: Meet Torous

Hello all! It’s Will, the on again and off again host of The Geekoning Podcast, but also a Player in AAOG’s D&D podcast, Dice Sesh! Being inspired by Tracy, or CuriousCat-13 with her “Valahar Chronicles: Meet Jackdaw” article, I decided to write this article. An introduction to Dice Sesh‘s residential Minotaur Medicus from Meletis, Torous of Meletis!

Torous is a Minotaur, which is a given, and in Theros, that can be a bit…tricky for one who lives in a major poli, depending on the poli. Another important detail is that he a trained medicus from the Temple of Pharika. Pharika, being the Theros God of Affliction, Poison, and Medicine. Though anyone can become a medicus, medici from the Temple of Pharika know medicine the best, typically. However, being a medicus does not mean he cannot fight. Being trained by his mother, a war priest of Iroas, trained him, just to make sure he was safe. All well and good, but Torous is something we like to call, a himbo. Great heart, but there is little going on in his brain. He is dumb, however was able to pass medical school. An anomaly that he can’t answer. Despite his Minotaur heritage, making the world having biases towards him for being a Minotaur, even when he wasn’t born in Savage Minotaur territory, has not dampened his spirits of helping the sick and needy where he can. Though what good he can do when he kind of messes up, is debatable.

You can listen to Dice Sesh right here on the Allagesofgeek website under podcasts!

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