A Monthly Comic Book Subscription Mystery Box: Multiverse Comic Box

Hey comic book fans! We have some exciting news for you. Do you ever have a hard time picking out what comic book you want to read? Maybe you do not have a comic book store near you. Or maybe you are a collector looking for new comic books. Look no further Multiverse Comic Box […]

A Review of the RWBY X Justice League Comics

Before I go into detail about these comics, this review will not have, spoilers. I personally believe that you should read these comics so I do not want to give away the amazing plot! This is a perfect mix of RWBY and Justice League. Before reading the comic I did not know what to expect. […]

Colonel Weird Cosmagog – Comic Review

#darkhorsecomics #sciencefiction #dreams A narrative from Dark Horse Comics that transcends the mind and dimensions of reality. In the new title Colonel Weird Cosmagog follows our hero Colonel Randall Weird as he travels through the ribbons of the universe.  Written by Jeff Lemire the creator of the Black Hammer series. The comic book serves as […]

Moonshine – Comic Review

Step into the world of Moonshine, a period piece developed by Image Comics. A story that dives into the prohibition era and enters the supernatural underworld. In the countryside of 1929 Spine Ridge, West Virginia, our protagonist Lou Pirlo sets out to make the deal of the century.  Writer Brian Azzarello does an amazing job […]

10 Comic Book Series to Catch Up On Before They Return from Quarantine

Comic Book All Ages of Geek

Like nearly every other media industry, comic books took a huge hit once the coronavirus lockdown began. With comic book shops across the country forced to close, the vast majority of releases were pushed back until further notice. Fortunately, this gives readers plenty of time to catch up on some great series that they may […]

Ice Cream Man Review

Image From website:  ReadComicOnline.to Enter a world of sweets and terror as the Ice Cream Man becomes the source of nightmares. Image Comics creates a new ongoing series that brings out multiple elements of storytelling and world-building.  W. Maxwell Prince writes a story full of twists as he focuses on an interdimensional being named Riccardus, […]