Moonshine – Comic Review

Step into the world of Moonshine, a period piece developed by Image Comics. A story that dives into the prohibition era and enters the supernatural underworld. In the countryside of 1929 Spine Ridge, West Virginia, our protagonist Lou Pirlo sets out to make the deal of the century. 

Writer Brian Azzarello does an amazing job blending the two distinct genres as the story unfolds between the moonshine business and the backcountry bloodline of werewolves. Lou Pirlo, a smooth talking middle man for the New York City Mob, is out to make a mint and establish a pipeline for the finest moonshine in all the country. 

But when he meets Hiram Holt, brewer of the famous Moonshine, and the mysterious people of Spine Ridge the body count rises. Soon, the Law, the Mob, and savage beasts all want Pirlo’s head; it’s only a matter of time before the fields are drenched in blood.  

Eduardo Risso is the talent behind the artstyle, being very simplistic holding solid colors and straightforward line work. Details upon both characters and background make out complete images holding moderate detail to display what exactly is on the page. 

The reader is never overwhelmed with massive amounts of detail or objects within the panels but rather goes for a subtle approach when changing scenes. A color pallet sticks to more pale pigments to create a dreary mood whether the location goes from the small town, to hills, and outskirts of the forest. 

Most notable colors come in the form of pale greens, faint yellows, and light brown. Red dramatically changes the scope when being displayed and portrays blood in moments of action or terror. 
Image Comics continues to push the ongoing story with a dark atmosphere. Follow Pirlo as he must figure out how to survive in a game built with lies, power, and bloodshed. In this supernatural noir thriller there is no telling who will be left alive under the Moonshine.

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