We Interviewed Artist, Writer, & Voice Actor Alison Turjancik

Hello/Bonjour! My name is Alison Turjancik! ~ I am a Canadian (Norwegian-Welsh) digital manga artist, fantasy writer, and voice actor from Vancouver Island, BC! I have recently released the first initial chapter of my webcomic, “Sea to Sky!” which you can read on Webtoon: (https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/sea-to-sky/list?title_no=855356) with plans to be developed into a proper comic dub […]

International Dot Day

Today is International Dot Day. The team at All Ages of Geek will be participating in International Dot Day this year and would love to see you participate too! Before we find out how to participate let’s look at the history of International Dot Day. What is International Dot Day? “International Dot Day, a global […]