RWBY Chapter 10 NEW Release Date!

Recently a huge winter storm hit the state of Texas leaving many families and businesses with no power. According to the New York time “More than 3.5 million of those outages were in Texas, where many people had been without power for hours or even days in freezing temperatures. “

Austin was one of several cities in Texas that saw record-setting cold temperatures on Monday.
Picture by: Tamir Kalifa for The New York Times

During this difficult time, the Rooster Teeth team decided to push back RWBY chapter 10’s release to February 27th. They want the team to focus on their safety first.

Many fans of RWBY are very supportive with the teams decision to push the episode back a week. The safety of the team is incredible important!

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We hope the Rooster Teeth team and the states being hit by the winter storm are safe. Tell us what you think will happen in RWBY chapter 10!

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