Conan The Barbarian – Comic Review

Marvel Comics retreads the history of old into a gateway of magic and monsters. The story of legendary warrior Conan The Barbarian leads a path of bloodshed as his adventures take him across the known kingdoms. Writer Jason Aaron dives into the life of Conan, a Cimmerian born on the battlefield, who one day becomes […]

RWBY Chapter 10 NEW Release Date!

Recently a huge winter storm hit the state of Texas leaving many families and businesses with no power. According to the New York time “More than 3.5 million of those outages were in Texas, where many people had been without power for hours or even days in freezing temperatures. “ During this difficult time, the Rooster […]

All Ages of Geek Update Time! | The Tat & Kat Show Ep 04

The Tat & Kat Show On this episode of The Tat & Kat show Tat and Kat give updates about All Ages of Geek, chat about shows, Netflix, and the power of talking. About The Tat & Kat Show The Tat & Kat Show is a show hosted by two sisters. What can go wrong? […]