Exciting News: House Fires in Paralives!

Hey everyone, I just discovered an amazing new gameplay feature in Paralives, and I had to share it with you all! The latest update introduces house fires, adding a whole new level of drama and danger to our Paras’ lives. It’s intense but also incredibly exciting!

So, here’s the deal: if your Para has a cooking mishap, a fire can start and spread really fast if you don’t act quickly. The animations are so realistic—you can almost hear the loud beeps of the smoke detector! Parafolks might panic and freeze in place or run outside when there’s a fire. If they stay too close to the flames, the fire can spread to them. It’s a heart-pounding situation, but there’s always hope!

What’s really cool is that Parafolks can put out fires on objects and even save each other. This sneak peek at the fire feature in Paralives is just fantastic. Huge shoutout to Alejandro, Alice, and Chloé for their hard work on the code, animations, and visual effects. 🔥

What They Plan on Making Better:

🧨 More ways for fires to start: Imagine if repairing items could spark a fire.

🏃‍♀️ Better panic animations: I’d love to see more variety in how Parafolks react to danger, whether they’re frozen in fear or running away.

🚒 Firefighters: They should be equipped to save furniture and people more efficiently.

🤝 Heroic rescues: How awesome would it be to carry someone to safety?

Have a great weekend and stay safe (even if everything’s on fire)!

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