Sonic and Friends Join Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble!

Sonic the Hedgehog collecting a gold ring in the vibrant world of Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble, with the All Ages of Geek logo in the bottom right corner.

Hey everyone! Sega just dropped some exciting news about the upcoming Switch exclusive, Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble. Our favorite Sonic the Hedgehog, along with Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, will make a special guest appearance in the game through the ‘Sega Pass’ DLC. What You Need to Know about Sonic Collab Release Dates for Sonic […]

4 Ugly Foods from The Sims 3

Three unappetizing dishes from The Sims 3, featuring a questionable hotdog, an unidentifiable greenish stew with a stink cloud, and a mushy yellow concoction. The Sims 3 logo is prominently displayed at the top, with the All Ages of Geek logo in the bottom right corner.

As a Sims fan, I know The Sims 3 game has a lot going for it, but let’s be real—the food is not winning any beauty contests. Here are four culinary disasters that will make you laugh (or cringe). 1. Stu Surprise The name says it all. What’s the surprise? Maybe it’s the mystery meat […]

Exciting New Update: Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom x PAC-MAN Crossover!

Tamagotchi characters enjoying the PAC-MAN crossover event in Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, featuring colorful PAC-MAN ghosts and a vibrant game area with the All Ages of Geek logo in the corner.

Hey, Tamagotchi fans! Get ready for a fantastic treat because the latest update for Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom is here, and it’s bringing something super special! A PAC-MAN Crossover! What’s New in This Update? This update introduces an exciting PAC-MAN mini-game that you can play as much as you want. Dive into the classic arcade fun […]

Top 7 Nostalgic School Supplies from the 90s & Early 2000s!

**Image Description:** The image showcases a colorful array of nostalgic 90s school supplies. On the left, there are pencils with various fun and whimsical pencil top erasers, including animals, flowers, and hearts. Below them are Troll Pencil Toppers with vibrant, fluffy hair. On the right, there is a rainbow-like display of Mr. Sketch Scented Washable Markers in various colors. The "All Ages of Geek" logo is positioned in the bottom right corner. The background features a gradient of bright, cheerful colors, enhancing the playful and nostalgic theme.

Hey 90s kids! Remember when school supplies were the coolest part of the day? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive some of our favorite items that made school so much fun. 1. Smencils Scented Pencils Smencils were the best! These pencils didn’t just write—they smelled amazing. From fruity to sweet scents, writing […]

Discover The Dragon’s Hoard: New Jersey’s Ultimate Geek Paradise

The image shows the interior of a game store with a large table in the center covered with a colorful fantasy-themed playmat. The background features shelves filled with books and gaming supplies, and there's a wooden cabinet displaying various items. The text "The Dragon's Hoard" is prominently displayed in the foreground, and the "All Ages of Geek" logo is located at the bottom right corner. The overall atmosphere is cozy and inviting, perfect for gamers.

Hey New Jersey geeks and adventurers! Looking for your next favorite hangout? The Dragon’s Hoard is the place to be! This awesome family-owned game store is perfect for connecting with friends, diving into epic games, and having a blast. Game On! The Dragon’s Hoard has it all—board games, RPGs, miniatures, and collectible card games (CCGs). […]

Charm All the Tamagotchi with the New Heroine Wig!

A pixelated yellow character tamagotchi with large, dark blue eyes and a surprised expression is wearing a bright pink wig that flows to the left. The background features a colorful, abstract pattern with various shades of pink, purple, and black, giving a vibrant and lively feel. The "All Ages of Geek" logo is visible in the bottom right corner.

Hey Tamagotchi fans! Ready to add some serious flair to your digital buddies? The new “Heroine Wig” accessory is here, and it’s going to make your Tamagotchis look fabulous! Let’s dive into how you can get this awesome new look for your favorite virtual pet. What’s the Heroine Wig? The Heroine Wig is the latest […]

Get Pumped for the New Tamagotchi Uni Update: “Muscle Body” Accessory Coming June 18th!

Pixelated Tamagotchi character wearing a muscle suit and boxing gloves, standing in a modern gym setting. The All Ages of Geek logo is in the bottom right corner.

Tamagotchi fans, brace yourselves for an electrifying new update! The highly anticipated “Muscle Body” accessory is flexing its way onto your devices this Tuesday, June 18th, and it’s going to be epic! This incredible new accessory transforms your Tamagotchi character into a mini bodybuilder, complete with a bold, pixelated muscle suit and powerful flexing arms. […]

Get Your Exclusive Sticker with Angel Festival & Monster Carnival Tamagotchi Uni Purchase!

Colorful promotional image featuring two Tamagotchi characters. On the left, a cheerful angelic character with wings and a halo, holding a small angel bird. On the right, a mischievous devil character with horns and a tail, accompanied by a tiny devil bird. The background is a vibrant mix of blue, pink, and purple hues with various decorative elements. The "All Ages of Geek" logo is prominently displayed in the bottom right corner.

A fantastic campaign is starting soon! When you purchase either “Tamagotchi Uni Angel Festival” or “Tamagotchi Uni Monster Carnival,” you’ll receive a special Tama sticker. Campaign Details: Important Notes: Don’t miss out on this chance to grab your exclusive Tama sticker and celebrate your love for Tamagotchi! — All Ages of Geek is a fully […]

The Sims 4 “Lovestruck” Expansion Pack Leaked!

A vibrant image showcasing scenes from The Sims 4 expansion pack "Lovestruck." The center features a couple embracing and smiling at each other, dressed in colorful floral outfits. To the left, another couple enjoys a romantic moment, sharing a snack on a bustling street decorated with banners. On the right, a couple relaxes on the grass in a park, with heart icons above their heads indicating affection. The All Ages of Geek logo is positioned in the bottom right corner.

Hey, Simmers! Get ready for some exciting news. The Sims 4’s upcoming expansion pack, “Lovestruck,” has been leaked, and it’s bringing back a classic feature from The Sims 2! What’s Coming Up? The “Season of Love” is in full swing with the Riviera Retreat and Cozy Bistro Kits already out. But there’s more to come! […]