Tamagotchi Lip & Cheek: Japan’s Cutest Cosmetic Release!

A colorful promotional image for the "Tamagotchi Lip & Cheek" cosmetics. The background features a pair of hands with bright, multi-colored, and intricately designed nails holding four miniature Tamagotchi devices in pink, yellow, and blue. Each Tamagotchi has a retro digital pet displayed on its screen. On the left side, there's an enlarged cute Tamagotchi character with a pink kiss mark on its head and holding a makeup brush. The All Ages of Geek logo is displayed in the bottom right corner. The overall design is vibrant and playful, reflecting the nostalgic and fun essence of Tamagotchi.

Hey Tamagotchi fans! Get ready because Bandai’s CreerBeaute is launching the adorable “Tamagotchi Lip & Cheek” collection this fall, exclusively in Japan. These cute cosmetics will be available from late July 2024 at drug stores, variety stores, and convenience stores across the country. Mini Tamagotchi Containers Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the “Tamagotchi Plus Mobile […]

“Megamizou” Joins Tamagotchi Uni With American Spirit!

Pixel art image of a character resembling the Statue of Liberty, with an American flag background. The character is blue and holding a torch, standing in front of a colorful house. Two red bird-like creatures are cheering on either side. The All Ages of Geek logo is displayed in the bottom right corner.

A new character is making its grand debut in the Tamagotchi Uni lineup, and it’s set to capture your hearts with its patriotic charm. Meet “Megamizou,” a character who bears a striking resemblance to the Statue of Liberty and embodies a deep love for America. Mark your calendars because Megamizou will be officially released on […]

The Sims 4 Lovestruck Expansion Pack: Everything You Need to Know!

A close-up of a male Sim with a stylish haircut and a beard, smiling and making a heart shape with his hands. The background features festive decorations with bright colors, and a glowing heart effect is visible around his hand gesture. The All Ages of Geek logo is positioned in the bottom right corner.

Get Ready for Love and Heartache! Hey, Simmers! Guess what? The Sims 4 Lovestruck Expansion Pack is dropping on July 25, 2024, and it’s going to be epic! This pack is bursting with romance, drama, and loads of fun. Whether you’re planning the perfect date or dealing with a breakup, this pack has it all. […]

Discover Gilded Raven Games: Somerset’s Ultimate Gaming Destination!

Image of the Gilded Raven Games store. The store logo, featuring a golden raven inside a circle, is prominently displayed. The background shows shelves filled with various board games, creating a colorful and vibrant atmosphere. On the left side of the image, there is a copy of the Pathfinder Player Core book. On the right side, several polyhedral dice, commonly used in tabletop role-playing games, are visible. The All Ages of Geek logo is positioned in the bottom right corner of the image

Welcome to Gilded Raven Games, the friendliest game store in Somerset, NJ! This family-owned shop is a paradise for geeks, offering everything from Magic: The Gathering and Flesh and Blood to board games, miniature games, and TTRPGs. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, Gilded Raven Games has something for everyone. Your New Favorite […]

Tamagotchi Uni Telephone Box Release: Exciting News for Fans!

Hey, Tamagotchi lovers! Great news—there’s a new Tamagotchi Uni update coming out, and it’s super cool. The “Tamagotchi Uni Telephone Box” will be released on Friday, June 28th! This new item has a fun design that looks like a classic telephone box. Your little Tamagotchi can make calls and connect with friends—how cute is that? […]

Shrek 5 and Donkey Spin-Off Are Officially Happening!

The image shows Donkey from the Shrek series with a large smile, Shrek in the background looking at Donkey, and another smaller image of Donkey to the right. There is a speech bubble coming from Donkey that says "FINALLY!" The background is decorated with a sparkling, magical effect, and the All Ages of Geek logo is visible in the lower right corner.

Hey Shrek fans! We’ve got some amazing news! Shrek 5 and a Donkey spin-off movie are officially happening, and it’s going to be incredible! Eddie Murphy just dropped the bombshell that these long-awaited films are finally on their way. Can you believe it? After years of rumors and hopes, it’s actually happening! Shrek 5 has […]

Three Cool Mods to Check Out This Summer for Your Sims 4!

The Sims 4 Summer Mods - A refreshing cocktail drink with a cherry and orange slice on the rim, set against a vibrant blue water background with The Sims 4 logo and a cheerful sun icon, promoting summer-themed mods.

As the summer heats up, it’s the perfect time to add some fresh, fun mods to your Sims 4 game. Here are three fantastic mods that will bring the spirit of summer to your Sims’ lives. SnootySims Simtini Cocktails Add some flair to your Sim’s mini bar with this Fancy Cocktail Drinks Deco Set! Featuring […]

Get Ready for the “Super Clear Object” Update on Tamagotchi Uni!

"Before" image of a Tamagotchi character in a living room with a sofa and TV, and "After" image showing the same character in a living room with a clear object allowing the background to be seen through. All Ages of Geek logo is present in the bottom right corner.

Hey there, Tamagotchi fans! We’ve got some thrilling news coming your way! On Tuesday, June 25th, the Tamagotchi Uni is getting a fantastic update with the release of the “Super Clear Object” items. These aren’t just any items—they’re so clear that you can see the background right through them. How cool is that? Imagine the […]

Sonic and Friends Join Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble!

Sonic the Hedgehog collecting a gold ring in the vibrant world of Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble, with the All Ages of Geek logo in the bottom right corner.

Hey everyone! Sega just dropped some exciting news about the upcoming Switch exclusive, Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble. Our favorite Sonic the Hedgehog, along with Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, will make a special guest appearance in the game through the ‘Sega Pass’ DLC. What You Need to Know about Sonic Collab Release Dates for Sonic […]