My Top 5 Movies to Watch for Halloween

October is here and that means one thing. Halloween! This year, I decided that I’d make my top five list of movies that I love to watch to get into a Halloween spirit! Now, if your favorite isn’t on this list, it isn’t a personal attack on you as a person. I’m not a fan of gore, so sorry no Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc.

Number 5: Monster House

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Growing up, you probably had a creepy house in your neighborhood. I know I did. Now, what if that house was alive? Monster House answers that question. Monster House is a movie that I, admittingly, haven’t seen in years. However, if I catch it on TV, I’m watching it. This movie as kid terrified me, but I tried to watch it every year! Why? I just enjoyed it too much! I decided to look up when this movie came out for this article, and I was shocked honestly. This movie came out in 2006! This movie is 15 years old this year, and I can’t believe it. Sure the CGI is dated, but that adds to the charm in my opinion. The atmosphere of this movie feels like you are sitting at a campfire with friends and everyone tell a scary story, and this is one of them.

Number 4: Frankenstein (1931)

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“It’s alive…IT’S ALIVE!” This line is synonymous with Frankenstein (the man, not the movie), and it comes from this movie. This year, this movie is 90 years old this year. Almost a century has had this movie. Now some people my be turned off by the fact that it may have over acting, depending on who you ask, but this film is a cornerstone of Science Fiction and Horror. You read that right, science fiction. Mary Shelly, the original author of Frankenstein, published this story in 1818 in which the moral of the story is a warning. A warning to not play God. Now, more modern movies and books have this moral, like Jurassic Park. But keep this in mind, it was written and published during the Industrial Revolution. A time where there was boom in science, people wondering what mankind was capable of. After watching this movie, I can see why it as lasted the time it has.

Number 3: The Birds

Spoiler: There is another Hitchcock film on this list. The Birds though holds a special place in my heart, because it was the very first horror film I watched. Now, maybe it was because as a child birds actually did scare me, but this movie great to watch at night with a bowl of popcorn. This movie does a great job at making charming characters, having a nice setting, and also making you worried about something that could is outside your window at this very moment. With these likable characters, it makes it hard when they are attacked by their avian assailants. The more and more birds on screen, the more and more that this dread builds.

Number 2: The Invisible Man (1933)

The Invisible Man is one of my favorite films of all time. This movie has something for everybody. Humor, action, heartfelt moments, and characters you grow to love. This movie came out 88 years ago, and it still has effects that hold up in our modern age of computers and greenscreens. It is just a masterpiece in my eyes. I only like one more horror film than this one. And that is our….

Number 1: Psycho (1960)

This right here, is my favorite horror movie to watch. The characters, the setting, the atmosphere, all perfect in my opinion. The only thing I can think about that people my have a problem with is that it is a slow burn. The build up is like a frog in boiling water. It slowly builds up, until it’s too late and you realize that the movie has you. If you have not seen the movie, or know the twists of the movie, do yourself a favor at watch it.

What horror films do you like to watch every year? Let me know in the comments below!

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