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Greetings fellow gamers. Tracy Preston/CuriousCat-13 here with a special gaming news update. Coming soon to Kickstarter is an upcoming indie game (games developed by small teams that aren’t financially or technically supported by big gaming companies) in the works: Crowsworn. Developed by Mongoose Rodeo, Crowsworn is set in a beautiful, gothic environment with plenty of action and difficulty to keep even the most skilled of gamers on their toes. Inspired by beloved games such as  Hollow Knight, Devil May Cry, and Bloodborne, Crowsworn is one game that you don’t want to miss out on. 

The studio also has a video showing gameplay, and I’ve gotta say….this game is gorgeous. While I’ve never played Hollow Knight, I can tell that the visuals were inspired by the game (as previously stated). As for what type of game it will be, Crowsworn is without a doubt going to play a lot like a Souls game. For those that aren’t familiar with this analogy, the Souls games (i.e Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Bloodborne) are video games with a high difficulty rank and are skilled at punishing players when their character dies. Basically, you collect specific material (like souls) that help boost your character’s skills and if your character dies in battle…well, you lose those materials and have to go all the way back to where they fell and re-collect them. There are numerous times where that can get frustrating and players have to step away to cool off. However, when you get to a certain point and defeat that enemy that kept giving you trouble, the rewards are all the more satisfying. Long story short, Crowsworn is going to have plenty of those moments that will make gamers go through those familiar scenarios. The combat system looks incredibly smooth and reminds me of the Devil May Cry games (hence the inspiration from the series). There also appear to be skill trees for different weapons and play styles, which could lead to some epic boss fights. 

I want to take a moment to talk about the music in the game’s soundtrack? In the forty-two-second long gameplay video Mongoose Rodeo shared on YouTube, the music (that I can only assume is part of the game’s soundtrack) is gorgeous and fits perfectly with the overall theme. Right at the beginning, the song starts with a beautiful guitar strum. While it sounds like your typical, basic acoustic guitar strum, the scene that it plays in just works so perfectly and it keeps on blending so well with the rest of the gameplay video. As the song continues to play, the rest of the instrumentals add to the tone and overall environment of the game, turning it into an elegant dance. I don’t know if this is the main theme or a boss battle theme, but all I know is that the soundtrack is going to be amazing and even worthy of a gaming award nomination. 

While, to my knowledge, the synopsis hasn’t been fully revealed, the video has shown enough to give some type of hint. Our main character is possibly some kind of plague doctor demon slayer, or something else. The only thing we know is, something big happened that brought the world into a dark era where there isn’t a place that is truly safe from the creatures of the underworld. For whatever reason, our character is tasked with fighting these monsters or demons and finding answers to a possible cure to the current ongoing situation. Whatever the reason and situation, Crowsworn is going to be a dark, epic tale full of mysteries and danger. Even though there isn’t any knowledge about which gaming systems it’ll be one, I can see it as an amazing Nintendo Switch and PC game.

via Mongoose Rodeo’s YouTube channel

While the Kickstarter hasn’t officially started, you can still follow it so that you can be notified about any updates. For those that are interested, you can click on the link right HERE

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  1. I love this review Tracy. I really like how you went into great detail about the soundtrack. That tells us that you were really paying attention to not just the mechanics of the game, or the characters, but also the scenery and, as I said, the music.

    I wonder where the name Crowsworn came from… Maybe you hinted at it, but I did not catch that. I suppose once a person starts playing the game, that will become clear to them. Great job❣️

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