An Interview With Vtuber Takahata 101

All Ages of Geek Takahata

Vtubers are transforming online culture in a positive light. More and more people are now able to make videos on Youtube, stream on Twitch, and so on because they do not have to face the fear of being seen on camera. Not everyone has the ability to stream, however, Vtubing is making it easier for […]

Late Night Gaming Discoveries: Crowsworn

Greetings fellow gamers. Tracy Preston/CuriousCat-13 here with a special gaming news update. Coming soon to Kickstarter is an upcoming indie game (games developed by small teams that aren’t financially or technically supported by big gaming companies) in the works: Crowsworn. Developed by Mongoose Rodeo, Crowsworn is set in a beautiful, gothic environment with plenty of […]

RWBY: The Bond Between Blake and Ruby

At All Ages of Geek, we love to hear the communities views on characters in shows we cover. With the finish of RWBY Vol 8 one of our community members Angelique tells us what they think about Ruby and Blake’s friendship. “I always thought Blake Belladonna admired Ruby Rose and thought highly of her. Ever […]

How Pokemon Go Makes Money As A Free-To-Play Game

by: Emily Gibson Remember when everyone was running through the streets searching for rare Pokemon on their smartphones? It’s hard to forget. And during that time, the app’s developers were creating a game that has generated almost $2 billion. How? Through the Games as a Service (GaaS) model. GaaS is a business model that allows […]