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Illogical things in Pokemon Part 3

The world of Pokemon is full of illogical things which can be really funny and confusing at times. Here is Part 3 of Illogical Things in Pokemon.

1.Magcargo is hotter than the surface of the sun

Magcargo made its debut in the second generation of the Pokemon games. It’s a little cute snail that looks pretty harmless. But did you know that the body temperature of this tiny fire snail is higher than the temperature of the sun’s surface? His body temperature is 18,000°F (9,982.22°C) and that of the sun is just 9,942°F (5,505°C). If Magcargo were to exist in the real world, then it would burn out everything in its path to the point where it is completely gone. Wherever this snail appears the apocalypse breaks out. It would be the slowest apocalypse the world would have ever seen (because snails are very slow and I know this joke was terrible). It is the fire snail from hell.

2.Invisible arms

We all know that pokemon games are not necessarily logical and there are many things that are quite strange. But why give the creators a Pokemon an attack, for which it does not have the necessary limbs to carry out this attack? For example, Gastly can learn fire punch and ice punch, attacks where the Pokemon strikes with its fists. The funny thing is that Gastly has no fists. And Wooper can learn Power Up-Punch. Power Up-Punch: ( striking opponents over and over makes the user’s FISTS harder. Hitting a target raises the Attack stat.) I have one question, are the arms invisible? It would explain a lot.

3.We have to teach a water Pokemon how to swim

On our journey through the Pokemon world we travel most of the time on land or fly to the next city with our Pokemon if the distance is too big. But there is also the point in the game, where we need a water Pokemon to continue our journey. So we look for a suitable pond, lake or river, get our fishing rod out, and try to fish a Pokemon. If we were successful on our fishing trip and cough a small mighty Shellder, we have to teach it with the HM03(Surf) how to swim, so that it can carry us on his back over the sea. Yes, we have to teach a creature that lives in water all its life how to swim. It’s the same thing with flight Pokemon that we have to teach the HM02(Fly) so that they can fly.

4.Rhydon can surf

What is the first attack you would teach a Rhydon? Right, every normal trainer would teach his Rhydon surfer. Believe it or not, but Rhydon can actually learn the HM03(Surf). When I heard it for the first time, I laughed really hard. Because Rhydon is a ground-rock type and has a four times weakness to water. It can also learn rain dance and hydro pump.

5.Are psychic Pokemon afraid of ghosts and bugs?

Every Pokemon has a weakness against other types, fire has a weakness against water, water has a weakness against electric Pokemon etc. But did you know why psycho Pokemon have a weakness against ghost and bug Pokemon? The official statement from Game Freak is that psycho type Pokemon have a phobia against ghost and bug type Pokemon. This is not a joke, it’s the official statement from Game Freak.

6.Indestructible bushes

Nobody can stop us on our journey through the relentless wilderness, of the pokemon world to become the best Pokemon trainer the world has ever seen. We master every challenge on our way, we destroy crime gangs, catch legendary Pokemon, and travel on our Shellder across the seven seas. We’re unstoppable, but there is one thing that stops us, one tiny thing that we can’t overcome, little bushes. These bushes seem indestructible, we cannot burn them down with fire attacks or crush them with other attacks. We have to teach a Pokemon the HM01(Cut) to destroy these bushes from hell. Even a Scyther cannot cut these bushes with his two large scythes. Only the mysterious technique of cut is able to destroy these little bushes from hell.

The best thing you can do is not to think about the logic in these games, otherwise it will drive you crazy.

7.Illogical Pokedex entries

At the beginning of each Pokemon adventure, we receive our Pokedex from the respective Pokemon professor of the game. It contains all important information about the Pokemon in the game The Pokedex is a useful tool that we can use to learn more about the pokemon, we caught on our trip. But some Pokedex entries seem pretty illogical, so we’re asking ourselves sometimes, is that true? For example, we get from our Pokedex the information that Alakazam an IQ of 5,000 has. It sounds very impressive, but I have one question. Why can’t Alakazam speak the human language? Because in the anime we see that Meowth can speak to humans and it doesn’t have an IQ of 5,000. So why can’t Alakazam speak? I mean his IQ is 27 times higher than that of Albert Einstein and the only thing it can say is its own name. 

It contains a mystery.

8.Who is the real champ?

Everyone who played the first generation knows, that before we become the new champ, we have to defeat the old champ in an epic final battle. When we finally did it, Professor Oak congratulates us and we are entered as the new crowned champ in the hall of fame. Proud of our team and ourselves, we leave the Pokemon League and return home as the new champ of the Pokemon world. We are now faced with the question of what we can do now. Because we collected all badges and defeated every trainer in the game. All we can do now is to train our team and catch the Pokemon that are still missing in our collection. In order to train our team better, we can fight the top four as often as we want. If we defeat them again, we have to defeat the old champ to become the new champ. But wait a minute, aren’t we the current champ? How can it be that we have to defeat the champ, to become the new champ? We are the champ! I wonder if we defeat the right champ or is there an even more powerful champ waiting for us “The real champ”? Someone like Prof. Oak? It would explain everything because we didn’t defeat the real champ and therefore we can’t become the new champ.

9.Fishing in buildings

Let’s be honest, we’ve all tried fishing in a building in a Pokemon game. But before we could fish in the building, we receive a call telling us that we can’t fish here. Disappointed, we went to the next pond and went fishing there instead. But that wasn’t always the case, back in the original Pokemon Red and Blue games, it was possible to fish for Pokemon inside the many Rhydon statues that Pokemon Gyms are adorned with. Using an old rod on any Rhydon statue will cause the player to encounter a Magicarb. I don’t know how that is even possible, but I want it back.

10.The missing water type

What are the first types that come to your mind when you see the Pokemon Eelektross? Water-electric? Wrong! It’s just an electric type Pokemon. It’s pretty strange and doesn’t make much sense, because it’s based on an electric eel. It can also do pretty well in the water, so it does feel weird for this Pokemon are not a water type. Not to mention, it lives in the ocean, so that leaves a lot of questions for Eelektross.

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