Conan The Barbarian – Comic Review

Marvel Comics retreads the history of old into a gateway of magic and monsters. The story of legendary warrior Conan The Barbarian leads a path of bloodshed as his adventures take him across the known kingdoms.

Writer Jason Aaron dives into the life of Conan, a Cimmerian born on the battlefield, who one day becomes King of his own land. Now, as a new monarch a deadly enemy from his past looks to conquer his future. In the midst of battle Jason aims to explore the many trials and enemies of Conan’s past leading up to the present through flashbacks. His style of storytelling brings out more depth to the character with each new quest set before him. 

The powerful artwork set in this world comes from the incredible talent of artist Mahmud Asrar. Environments are ever changing for Conan travels to different lands. People and monsters are relevant in giving shape to the culture. Dark outline and shadows become a necessity in creating fine detail with the characters as they interact with creatures or fellow warriors. 

Mahmud goes over every available space with quick detail lines to improve the state of people or objects in movement. Therefore, every image offers a clear presence for the reader to take as impactful to the story as a whole. 

Colorist Matthew Wilson creates strong depictions of light sources and color tones. The dominant colors to be present within the comic book are red, orange, and black. Red comes in the form of blood for conan cuts through enemies.

Orange gives depth to the time of day and highlights anything made of dirt and sand. The color also gives emphasis on the movement in action sets delivering a more powerful impact. Black complements the orange and red bringing focus to the specific characters or the environment as it pertains to the story as a whole. 

Follow the great warrior Conan into battle as he shapes the lands and becomes a legend through the eyes of the people. A comic book for those who love the fantasy tales of old but upgraded in the modern age. Witness how the lone barbarian transforms from savage hero to noble king in this ongoing series by Marvel Comics.  

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