We had the pleasure of chatting with the folks from Hippo Havoc all about their game Disaster Golf. Be sure to check out the game on Steam and check out their other links HERE! Learn more about them on VoxPop Games!


Disaster Golf is a new, fast-paced take on golf that requires you to react on the fly. Experiment with many combinations of natural disasters to navigate the golf ball through wild and diverse courses as fast as you can!


VoxPop Games, Inc., is a New York based game development and distribution platform. VoxPop primarily caters to independent developers who may not have the marketing budget to pursue traditional advertising and hiring as a model.

Developers can use VoxPop to find collaborators using a percentage of their future profits, recruiting everything from programmers and artists to build the game, to influencers and celebrities to promote their products. Meanwhile, contractors can trust that their payments will be backed by a robust, and automated system which will keep their employers’ honest months or years after the project’s completion.

VoxPop is part of the NYC Games Industry Council and collaborates with non-profit groups like the NYC IGDA. VoxPop hopes to disrupt the gaming market by creating systems for smaller content creators to prop up one another.

ABOUT Hippo Havoc:

Hippo Havoc LLC, a 4-person indie game developer collective located in the United States, composed of Doug Guzman, Ashley Wielgos, TJ Caron, and Kyle Grenier. You can learn more about Hippo Havoc from their Website, on YouTube, TikTok, and Discord. Of course, like & follow the team on X (Twitter).


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