A Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: Pokémon x Lovisia Collab!

Geeks! We came across a great brand that is selling Pokemon inspired makeup! Here is what they are offering! “Have a Pokémon Valentine’s with our “Valentine, I Choose You!” box This month we’re all about romance and fun with exclusive Pokémon x Lovisia collab items!”

Pokémon x Lovisia Heart Point Pack

Skincare with friends! This fun Pokémon point pack includes 11 heart-shaped moisturizing patches.
Pokémon x Lovisia Heart Pressed Powder Compact

A Pokémon, a puff, and a heart-shaped design? What more do you need? 
Pokémon x Lovisia 
Stick Blush

Are you blushing Pikachu? Get that rosy glow with this Pokémon x Lovisia collab stick blusher.
Pokémon x Lovisia Marble 
Lip Balm

Chapped lips? Not anymore with this cute swirly Pokémon lip balm – made with jojoba oil!

This set is a perfect gift for valentines day! Be sure to check it out HERE!

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