Attack of the Anvilwrought! THEROS pt nine | Dice Sesh Ep 14

After winding up in an Akroan holding cell for assaulting a priest, Aslan’s fate depends on Eva and her connections to the Regent of Akros. What further repercussions will the leonin’s actions have? And later, as the group sets off for Meletis in order to help Takis set right an old wrong, Jude’s shrouded past […]

A Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: Pokémon x Lovisia Collab!

Geeks! We came across a great brand that is selling Pokemon inspired makeup! Here is what they are offering! “Have a Pokémon Valentine’s with our “Valentine, I Choose You!” box This month we’re all about romance and fun with exclusive Pokémon x Lovisia collab items!” This set is a perfect gift for valentines day! Be sure to […]

Interview with Beautyby.dom!

All Ages of Geek Beautyby.dom

We had the pleasure of interviewing beautyby.dom the artist behind this amazing makeup look. 1. How long have you been doing makeup? I started doing makeup at 14 years old but I started doing more creative looks at 21 years old. 2. What inspired you to do the War Hammer Titan Makeup? It’s funny because […]