5 Udderly Amazing Games with Cows on Itch.io!

Cows are cute. Yes. If you are looking for cool games to check out to support fellow indie game devs check out these 5 cool games! All cow lovers much play these games!

Backseat Driver

“You are a passenger in a car with an incompetent driver trying to escape from a giant cow, and your only means of intervention is talking.

Type instructions to the driver to them to tell them where to go as you make snap decisions to avoid being crushed by giant mutant farmyard animals. But be careful not to make the driver too angry, they might start arguing or even ignoring you!”

Mis Vacas

“This game is played with a keyboard and a mouse. You have to shoot all the bandits on each stage without getting all your cows killed. If you manage to protect all the cows in an stage, you get an extra life. There’s an ending after a few stages.”

Farm Life Farming Simulator 3D

“Farm Life, grow crops, rise animals, harvest, and craft in this farming simulator.”

Peachleaf Valley: Seeds Of Love

“Peachleaf Valley: Seeds Of Love” is a romance visual novel/otome game whose premise is inspired by farming-sim genre classics. Dive into a world filled with beauty, nature, and love as you become the newest resident of a lush valley where the sea, the sky, and the land all seem to meet…”


“Welcome test subject, as a member of the most intelligent species from “Earth” you and others of your kind will attempt to traverse our obstacle course to see just how smart your planet is. If you pass a test, we shall add a new deterrent to judge your best possible skill. If any other test subjects pass in our alternate testing room their obstacle will be added to your room! Failure is expected, and we shall remove some difficulty in response to see that you and others of your kind can enjoy success still. Best of luck earthling.”

Enjoy the list I hope you find a new game to play soon! MOO!

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