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5 Cutest Characters from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker!

Here is a fun list of the cutest characters from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker!

Our young hero, Link, is undeniably one of the cutest characters in Wind Waker. With his big, expressive eyes, iconic green tunic, and innocent determination, he captures the hearts of players from the very beginning!

2. Tetra

Tetra, the feisty pirate captain who is later revealed to be Princess Zelda, is another adorable character in Wind Waker. Her spunky attitude, combined with her cute pirate outfit and confident demeanor, makes her a PERFECT!

3. Medli

Medli, the gentle and kind Rito girl, is the Earth Sage in Wind Waker. Her design, with her large, soulful eyes and bird-like features, makes her an incredibly endearing character!

4. Makar

Makar, the tiny Korok musician, is perhaps one of the most adorable characters in the entire game. His small stature, leaf-like appearance, and the cute little sounds he makes while playing his violin are simply irresistible.

5. Aryll

Link’s little sister, Aryll, is the epitome of cuteness in Wind Waker. With her big round eyes, joyful personality, and sailor outfit, she captures the hearts of players right from the start!

A Rant: Bring Wind Waker to the Switch!

As a super fan of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, it’s infuriating that this gem isn’t available on the switch! This game is a masterpiece, filled with adorable characters and a wholesome yet amazing story. The Wind Waker’s charming visuals and heartwarming story would make for fantastic content on the switch! IT IS STILL NOT OUT YET!

Nintendo, listen up! The demand is there, the love for Wind Waker is undeniable, and the potential for a thriving AGAIN is huge. Bringing Wind Waker to the Switch would not only honor the legacy of this incredible game but also introduce it to a whole new generation of gamers. It’s time to give Wind Waker the spotlight it deserves– let’s make it happen!

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