Why Supporting Independent Developers is Important

cover photo from Ooblets Indie games devs are the true heroes of the gaming world. These small, independent developers create unique games that often get overlooked by mainstream gamers. However, it’s important to support indie creators for a number of reasons. First and foremost, indie games provide an outlet for creativity and experimentation. Creators use […]

Polite Society Review – Sundance Film Festival

As part of the Sundance Film Festival’s Midnight features, there are usually those rare films that make a buzz after their first showing. Polite Society has proven to become quite the crowd-pleaser after its debut, giving audiences an edgier film that goes outside the box when it comes to South Asian representation and the stories that are […]

The Pod Generation Review – Sundance Film Festival

As technology continues to evolve into our everyday lives, many forms of media have depicted this new age of reality where humanity relies on it for most of their lives. It is what The Pod Generation depicts, a new film from Sophie Barthes that makes its debut at the Sundance Film Festival. The sci-fi flick […]