You Will Go Bananas for This New Site!

A new website has launched, and it is going to be a fantastic resource for those of you who are looking for what movie you should check out next. The website I’m talking about is “Ripe Banana.”

The way that the site works is that the critics that are a part of the site will all give their ratings for a film. Afterwards, the average of the critics’ scores will be calculated and you can expect to see one of three ratings. The highest rating a film can get on the Banana-Meter comes at 85% or higher, which means that a film is “Bonafide Bananas.” The next rating is awarded if a film comes between 55-70%, which will deem the film as being “Ripe” on the Banana-Meter. Then comes the lowest rating, which will be if a film hits under 55%, which will equal a “Sour” status on the Banana-Meter.

Now, if you’re anything like my friends and family, you might go to the movies once every one to two months. Actually, probably even less with the pandemic and Omicron. Well with this new website, you’ll hopefully get to make that trip worthwhile! You’ll get to hear from a variety of critics, from all across the web and see what movies the critics have gone “bananas” for.

The site has declared its mission as follows,

Our mission is to have critics across the globe from all ranges of media, written, podcast, YouTube, and share their thoughts about the films they see to help you, the audience, find movies to watch.

It is a positive community of underappreciated critics who love films and bring awareness to these films and their respective brands.

In the end, the overall goal is to see what films tip the scale on the Banana Meter.

Now full disclosure, I am going to be a critic for the site, but if I didn’t believe in what this site could accomplish, no way would I write to all of you about the “Ripe Banana” let alone be a member of the website! I’ve interacted with some of the other critics for the website, and you can truly see that these people love what they are doing, they truly love movies.

I hope you will check out this new awesome website and see what all these movie lovers have to say and especially which movies we go particularly “bananas” for!

You can check out “Ripe Banana” and its Banana-Meter at About | Ripe Banana ( or on Twitter @banana_meter

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Joel Tapia is a contributing writer at All Ages of Geek. You can follow him on Twitter @tapioca621

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