Will We Ever See a One Punch Man Live Action Film?

by: Jason N. Mullen
Thumbnail Credit: @onepunchman_official

No stakes could be higher than when film producers announce plans to pursue a live-action adaptation of a beloved anime, and it is a subject fans are not shy to voice their opinions on. This is part of why it’s common to see rumors for live-action films to surface, only for plans to end up not panning out. Filmmakers also face the daunting task of capturing the anime’s art style, turning a series into a film, and paying homage to the original work — a toss-up between success and failure. One anime that faces the immense pressure of doing well in live-action is the beloved One Punch Man. The question is, with everything considered, will we ever get to see a live-action film?

Although it aired back in 2015, One Punch Man remains a very popular anime, not because it’s the best — arguably, there are better ones to watch. What really made it stand out was its combination of parody and action in one neat package. The elements of standard formula, goofiness, and unique execution make it a perfect candidate for a live-action film adaptation. And Sony Pictures decided to do just that, with Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner as the screenwriters and Arad Productions at the helm. This looks to be a promising collaboration considering the success of films like Venom and Jumanji: The Next Level. The film is still in its early stages, so while tentative release dates have been announced, the anime community is abuzz with excitement.

One of the details fans will want to get wind of is who will be cast as the titular character of the live-action remake. Casting beloved anime characters in other remakes has been met with some backlash in the past, so choosing just the right actors for the job is fundamental to the film’s success. Last year, internet user BossLogic made waves on Twitter after posting the concept art of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson cast as the main protagonist, Saitama — a fitting choice with his stature, bald head, and talent for delivering an entertaining performance.

BossLogic also added features on Kevin Hart to resemble Geron, a perfect pairing alongside The Rock. Hart is well known for his roles in the movie industry as he starred in films like Jumanji, The Upside, and the classic Scary Movie titles. However, Hart is arguably more known for his comedy. In fact, he is the best-paid comedian in the world and is estimated to have a net worth of around $200 million, which he has earned through his films, comedy tours, and playing poker. This jack of all trades playing Genos didn’t exactly resonate with fans, who were quick to provide suggestions of their own, including Lewis Tan. However, the most popular sentiment was to cast an unknown actor and let the chips fall where they may.

Whoever ends up being cast as the Saitama, Geron, and the other characters in One Punch Man remains to be seen — if the live-action film ever comes to fruition! All fans can do is wait in anticipation for the film and the anime’s third season. And if you haven’t gotten on the One Punch Man train just yet, check out this casual review and get ready to be charmed.

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