We Interviewed Voice Actress Aimee Smith

MinaRose2023 here with another exciting interview this time with voice actress Aimee Smith.

Hello Aimee how are you today?

Hi Mina, I’m going great thanks! It’s my first proper day getting back into voice work in the new year – so I’m energised and am all ready to launch back in!

How did you get started with Acting?

My first memorable experience in acting was back in Year 6 when I booked one of the leads for our school musical. I loved it, so that paved the way for me selecting Drama electives throughout highschool, as well as being a part of some musicals at my local theatre. But it wasn’t until I was 18 and studying to be a primary school teacher at uni that I tried voice acting from home for fun that I felt like everything I adored about acting came together in the most perfect of ways. It was a rollercoaster, I honestly had no intentions of it being anything more than a hobby for those first few years, so it’s really crazy to think I’ve now just started my fifth year of being a full-time voice actor!

What has been your most successful voice over work thus far?

Voicing in video games is the majority of my work, as I’ve worked on well over 100 of them! I’m possibly most known for my work as Milla in Freedom Planet and have worked on some other awesome games like Mobile Legends, Dislyte and Smite. 2022 was a great year for voicing in kids shows too, as I worked on Reef School on ABC Kids, FriendZSpace on ABC Me and Lil Wild on meWATCH, so I’ve been rapt to see that side of my career growing even stronger!

What has been your most challenging voice acting issue?

The whole first half of my career was surrounded by uncertainty: I felt ridiculous calling myself a Voice Actor (I would always say “I was a teacher who did some voice acting on the side”) as well as not being able to find anyone still living here in Australia who I could point at and say “they have the remote full-time career I want, let’s build a plan to get there.” I felt it was really debilitating to any dreams I dared conjure up in my head, so it took me many years to see this as anything more than a hobby.

What’s it like voice acting internationally?

Difficult. Rewarding. Pinch-Worthy. Isolating. Exciting.
There’s a lot wrapped up in being an internationally remote voice actor. I love having the career I want on my own terms, living where I want to live and seeing more global opportunities open up over these last few years that makes this a far more accessible landscape than ever before. 

Are there any suggestions you have for new voice actors?

If you want to be a Voice Actor, call yourself a Voice Actor. I was blown away by how much I limited my own growth simply because I was unable to adopt this mindset. If you live internationally, I also encourage you to look to those who have built what you want to be building: embrace being inspired over being jealous, recognise the marathon-nature over this journey and give yourself the time while you’re starting out to figure out if you love this craft enough to wade the highs and lows. Also, classes classes classes!

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