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We Interviewed VensArt

We interviewed vensArt all about their work!

“Hi there, I’m ven, self taught hobby artist and sometimes story writer. I currently create digital artworks, comics and animations here and there.”

1 – What inspires your work?

There’s a lot of things that inspire me, be it awesome shows, movies or books to draw fanart to or thinking of my own little fantasy worlds and turning them into something “real” by drawing them. Seeing the results of all that time invested into the drawings and thinking to myself: “Did I really create this?” Sometimes, it feels like magic! (Other times not but we don’t talk about those xD Can’t win them all)

2 – What would you tell others who want to do what you do? Any Advice?

As I’m still chasing many of my goals, I guess I would need advice for that as well 😉 The most important things for me are to have fun with whatever it is your’re doing and finding something to be proud of. That’s why I love creating artwork, you draw something you can see and that lasts when it’s done. Art especially involves a lot of practicing, trial and error. Lately, I have tried different methods of practicing what I’m not good at and searched for inspiration of how I want my art to look like. My biggest advice and something I am still struggling with is having a plan. Plans make everything easier and when I plan my next step, I usually have far more success at them, be it artworks, comics or social media presence.

3 – What is your favorite type of work to do?

That’s easily fanart! Drawing all those character designs that other people thought of and slipping into the worlds they have created.

4 – Plans for 2022?

For this year, I have planned to step up my game a lot, practice more frequently and help out a friend with his animations. I will start two comics this year which are still in production but are getting very close to being ready for release.

5 – Where can people support you?

The most important thing for me is to have feedback, encouragement and discussion about my creations through comments. Every comment means the world to me and I give my best to respond to them all, as I want to value the time others spend for me! Additionally, I have started a patreon for my comics and stories. I have not promoted that one a lot yet and plan to build it up further once the comic pages go live. You can find it here: Thanks for the interview! It’s been fun to think about the things that I sometimes just take for granted or haven’t spared a thought for.

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