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We Interviewed The Team From Roll 4 Rainbow

We had the chance to interview Roll 4 Rainbow all about who they are and what they do. Roll 4 Rainbow is an all-queer TTRPG podcast for those who love adventure and can’t do basic math! If you are interested in supporting their journey be sure to check them out HERE!

1. Tell us about your podcast.

Alissa: We’re an all-queer TTRPG podcast with the goal of telling a good story and having a good time. So far, we’ve played Call of Cthulhu and D&D 5e, but we hope to play new, different systems in the future. We’re just kinda four friends who were like, “We already want to play D&D, why not record it for people?” And thus, here we are!

Trinity: We’re a group of friends doing an all-queer D&D podcast! We mostly center on storytelling and heartfelt moments balanced with inappropriately timed jokes. We’ve only been going for about over a year now, but every session is so fun it still feels brand new. 

Julian: We’re a band of queer friends who broadcast their TTRPG shenanigans for an audience! We are heavily character-focused in our campaigns and often play by the Rule of Cool. R4R is the one place to be if you’re looking for heartfelt stories told in chaotic fashion

Emmett: Four queer people play D&D over zoom. We do japes and jests. It’s a good time.

2. How long have you been involved in the TTRPG world?

Alissa: As a podcast, we’ve been playing for a little over a year. Personally, I’ve been playing TTRPGs for a couple years. My first time DM’ing has actually been our Laskya campaign, so our viewers got the pleasure of watching me learn how to be a good DM.

Trinity: I personally only started playing online during the lockdown and that’s actually where I met Emmett. I’m still a newbie!

Julian: I’ve started playing DnD in college, around five years ago! Since then, I’ve gotten into other Systems such as Call of Cthulhu, Vampire the Masquerade and Tormenta.

Emmett: We’ve been playing together for over a year now. I started DMing when I was a sophomore in high school, but I didn’t start playing regularly until the summer before college.

I met Trin online in the summer of 2020, and we played with our first ever PCs in the same campaign for several months. I met Alissa at school in freshman year and played in their first-ever campaign with them. And then I met Julian through Alissa when we started the podcast!

3. What are some of the best moments during the podcast?

Alissa: I feel like the best moments are the most unexpected. Like, someone will say something so completely out of pocket or absurd and I have to pause and be like, “Hey bestie… What??” I think a super recent example of this is the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer conversation, where we have a 10 minute tangent about claymation figurines. It’s a good bit, and has absolutely nothing to do with the game at hand, but we’re having a good time and I think the genuineness of it all that makes it great.

Trinity: Like Alissa said I think our best moments are either hilarious or heart-wrenching. I know specifically in the Camp Honeydew campaign we all went so hard on improv that we were all crying by the end. I think our improv really bounces well off each other for only knowing each other for a little over a year. 

Julian: I feel like we’re at our best when we improv and just get lost in our characters.

I personally love how we just bounce around a single brain cell, both in game and out of it! It’s genuinely a good time and I feel like it reflects on the podcast quality

Emmett: Definitely heavy character moments, like July meeting her dad or Saffria interacting with her old mentor. But also, Trinity and I love to do a stupid bit that goes on for too long and is only funny to us. Julian and Alissa are our long-suffering friends who have to force us to move on. That’s always a good time.

4. Tell us what supporters can expect?

Alissa: Hopefully, supporters can expect 2-3 hour long sessions of hijinks and shenanigans as we do our best to tell you a story. We’re very rules-relaxed, Rule of Cool kind of people. Oh, and it’s always super queer. Like, always.

Trinity: I want supporters to find characters that they can fall in love with, cry with, but most importantly laugh along with. A lot of the time jokes can get dirty (my fault) or so absurd that we double over laughing (also consistently my fault.) Hopefully people can go into this podcast not knowing anything about D&D but still have a good time based on the story. 

Julian: Supporters can certainly expect a lot of chaos! But also, a compelling story with characters they’ll hopefully love (or hate) as much as we do. Hopefully, they can also feel seen in some of the characters’ genders and sexualities.

Emmett: Four really good friends all being stupid together, but also emotional, and genuine. And, of course, fucking hilarious. (We hope.)

5. Goals for 2023?

Alissa: We’re always working to broaden our audience! But I think more specifically for next year, we’d like to be putting out more multi-shots, like our Camp Honeydew and Promageddon series, for those who like the lesser time commitment.

Trinity: I just really want to push the limits on our skills and be coming out with content that makes us proud. We also want to put out more limited series for our viewers who can’t commit to all of Laskya but still want to enjoy us, and I’d personally love to DM more. 

Julian: I really want us to keep developing new stories! Both short and longer-form, and with all sorts of DMing and Storytelling styles.

Emmett: I’ll finally run a one-shot! I’ve been threatening to do something in Call of Cthulhu for a year now. Hopefully I’ll finally do something about it!

6. Where can folks support your work?

You can listen to us on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Podcasts as well as all associated platforms! If you’d like to tip your hosts, because we do put out all this free content, maybe buy us a coffee at Or, if you’re interested in stickers, buttons, and other fun merch, check out our Redbubble here:

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