We Interviewed MoonlitPride

by: MinaRose2023

MinaRose2023 here with another interview and this is all about MoonlitPride.

Hey MoonlitPride how are you?

Pretty fine, thanks 🙂 .

So can you tell me when you started doing art?

Since I was a small kid. I got stimulated by watching Sailor Moon (my favorite anime at the time) when I was only 5 years old, so I started trying to draw it.

Did you take art classes? 

I did, when I was a teen (around 16 years old).

What got you into fandom art?

The people I met by watching the series I’m a fan of. I met a lot of amazing people!

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to art?

Most of the time my biggest challenge is to think about what pose I want to make the characters, especially if there’s any man body, I’m terrible at drawing them.

What is the thing you love most about drawing?

It allows me to express my emotions through them, I can try expressing myself without barriers, I also get pretty distracted while searching for references and drawing, while listening to music.

But there’s some times when I don’t enjoy the process of drawing, done to meet a deadline, mostly when I have to draw something I dislike (such as robots), I feel pissed and frustrated. 

What brought on your unique style of drawing?

The animations I have loved since I was a very small child, mostly anime. I also love drawing animals and the ones I try a more realistic style, since I can’t draw realistic people. I tried a few styles during all those years and I’m often changing mine, but the essence is still the same. My friends can tell when a picture is made by me, so I’m pretty happy with that.

What can you tell other inspiring artist or those who wish to draw both traditionally and digitally?

Dream big and keep practicing! If you’re starting to draw now, do a lot of observation and even tracing. It helped me a lot when I was a kid, to understand the lines! (Of course, if you do that and post your work, don’t forget to mention what you did, and to credit the artist)

Do you take commission if so where can people inquire about them?

I do! I’m just a bit uncomfortable with that because I never know how much I can charge for them.. I always think and ask a friend of mine who works with other kinds of arts, to think about a fair price. 

I still have to make a price chart (it’s been awhile since I should have done this)  but anyone who wants to commission can DM me anytime! 🙂


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